Regular PC maintenance everyone should know and perform.

Regular PC maintenance.

Most people realize that their reliable and handy laptop or PC needs decluttering and maintenance when it is too late and the machine is infected with viruses of all sorts and may even be showing the blue screen of death. It is better to keep up with your regular PC maintenance every month or at least

Computer problems you can easily prevent or fix yourself!

Computer problems you can easily prevent and fix yourself.

Computer ownership can be difficult at times, resulting in both hardware and software issues that need to be dealt with. Of these, there are several computer problems you can easily prevent or fix yourself! Hardware problems are related to the internal and peripheral devices of a computer, like the hard drive, keyboard, processor or monitor. Software

Must have staples for stocking a healthy kitchen.

Must have staples for a healthy kitchen.

A healthy diet is much easier to maintain when the basic staples are routinely available in the home. The following are must have staples for stocking a healthy kitchen. Every day we read about new breakthroughs in health and nutrition, but the amount of information about what’s good for us can be confusing. Whether you’re

The Toronto Blue Jays are “Gonna Cut You Down.”

The Toronto Blue Jays are "Gonna Cut You Down."

Well, this is it… This is the season everyone is expecting that the Toronto Blue Jays are “Gonna Cut You Down.” Admittedly, at certain times during this season, it’s been emotionally difficult and sometimes downright depressing when things have gone bad for them, which was quite often earlier on. Lately, however, they’ve been winning, and I couldn’t

That old cliche ‘Kids say the darndest things’ needs to be updated.

Absolutely true! That old cliche does indeed need updating. It should now be, “Kids say and do the darndest things!”

Maybe it’s because our kids have recently moved out on their own, but I can’t help but love videos featuring kids with their innocence and sense of fun.

This video of a 4 year ‘infiltrating’ a rugby game and what happens is priceless. I wish everyone was like this with kids!

I’m sure this boy will never forget this experience, and that’s just as it should be.

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