That old cliche ‘Kids say the darndest things’ needs to be updated.

Absolutely true! That old cliche does indeed need updating. It should now be, “Kids say and do the darndest things!”

Maybe it’s because our kids have recently moved out on their own, but I can’t help but love videos featuring kids with their innocence and sense of fun.

This video of a 4 year ‘infiltrating’ a rugby game and what happens is priceless. I wish everyone was like this with kids!

I’m sure this boy will never forget this experience, and that’s just as it should be.

A little bundle of love: Learning about English Bulldogs.

Learning about English Bulldogs.

Simply because of their reputation of being a little bundle of love, English Bulldogs are frequently used as mascots for schools, pubs, sports teams, and the U.S Marine Corps. As a result, they are easy to recognize and it’s worth learning about English Bulldogs as pets. They tend to be one of the pricier purebred

How to make the perfect hard-boiled egg.

Easy perfect hard-boiled eggs.

This morning I awoke to a huge craving for hard-boiled eggs. I’m not one who eats a lot of eggs, but I do love an egg salad sandwich once in a while. While setting the timer, I realized my wonderful ‘perfect hard-boiled egg’ method should be shared. This is another one of those tips I’ve

Are reusable bags the answer to a plastic epidemic?

reusable plastic bags

There is plenty of information these days about the dangers of using plastic bags. Are reusable bags the answer to a plastic epidemic? Maybe you’ve responded by recycling most of your bags, reusing them, and finding creative ways to put the bags to use around your home and community. Today, these efforts need to be taken

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