Life is fun when ‘baby’sitting Athena: the evidence of Athena’s crime!

The evidence of Athena's crime

This has been a very busy evening looking after my daughter Erin’s Staffordshire Terrier while she’s out visiting friends. She has made it more than clear she’s not happy Erin left – and here’s the evidence of Athena’s crime! One roll of toilet paper down, plenty more to go!

Are hypoallergenic dogs the answer for dog lovers with allergies?

Portugese Water Dog, one of the breeds reputed to be hypo-allergenic.

Dog lovers with allergies needn’t struggle with their allergies or sacrifice the pleasure and joy of owning and raising a dog. Instead, you can own a hypoallergenic dog, of which there are many breeds and hybrids that fulfill those requirements. However, just because a breeder claims that a dog is hypoallergenic doesn’t necessarily make it so, …

Tips for downsizing in style once the children leave home.

Downsizing for retirement.

Whether your child has just headed off to university or has left home for good, you are most probably feeling a little overwhelmed by all the spare space in your house. You may also be feeling incredibly emotional – don’t worry, that’s a perfectly normal part of empty nest syndrome.   If you have made …

Extreme weather: Take care of your roof.

Extreme weather: Take care of your roof.

No matter where one lives, whether it be Vancouver, Seattle, Ottawa, Miami, New York or Columbus roofing companies exist not only for building new homes, but also because weather can have an adverse effect on the condition of the roofs of our existing homes.   Roofing is a key concern everywhere, but that concern can …

4 home improvements to make when the kids fly the nest.

home improvements to make when the kids fly the nest

As anyone who has experienced what it’s like when the kids fly the nest will tell you, empty nest syndrome is a very real thing.   There will be grief. There will be a sense of loneliness. There will be a lot of worry about their safety, and concern about whether you have raised them the …

Does your teen have a drug problem?

Does your teen have a drug problem?

You want to give your kids the best start in life and bring them up the best way you can.   Everybody does.   However, sometimes things happen that aren’t your fault. Your children begin to become their own people, make their own decisions and have their own opinions. Lots of older children may start …

Everything you need to throw an end of summer party.

End of summer party.

The end of summer is here, and that means one thing – the kids are back to school.   So, what better way to commemorate the end of the summer than by throwing a party? A wonderful opportunity to get the kids involved as well, it can be like a celebration of a wonderful summer together, …