Today is National Dog Day? What an opportunity to show off our dogs!

Today is National Dog Day?
What an opportunity to show off our beloved four-legged friends!

Although I’ve featured all of our pets, whether individually or in groups, in posts on this blog, I can’t resist this opportunity.

In honor of National Dog Day, here are some of our favorite memories of our lovely dogs over the past few years.

First, a video showing Oliver’s penchant for making himself invisible.

Second, a gallery of photos of all of our family dogs over the past few years, including Nala our dearly departed Beagle/Rottweiler cross; Athena, Erin’s Staffordshire Terrier; Oliver, our present MinPin/Beagle cross and Frankie, our terrier cross mutt. (There are also some featured appearances of our cats Mew and Bob – simply because the whole group is pretty much inseparable.

How to make the perfect hard-boiled egg.

Easy perfect hard-boiled eggs.

This morning I awoke to a huge craving for hard-boiled eggs. I’m not one who eats a lot of eggs, but I do love an egg salad sandwich once in a while. While setting the timer, I realized my wonderful ‘perfect hard-boiled egg’ method should be shared. This is another one of those tips I’ve

Are reusable bags the answer to a plastic epidemic?

reusable plastic bags

There is plenty of information these days about the dangers of using plastic bags. Are reusable bags the answer to a plastic epidemic? Maybe you’ve responded by recycling most of your bags, reusing them, and finding creative ways to put the bags to use around your home and community. Today, these efforts need to be taken

Shark steals a tuna from a kayaking fisherman off Hawaii.

What? A shark steals a tuna? Where’s the video you might ask?

Shark steals a tuna.
Shark steals a tuna from a kayaking fisherman off Hawaii.

It’s just below and it is video footage that fishers, canoers and kayakers absolutely should see! I have a strong feeling it will make them think twice (or maybe three times) before venturing into waters where sharks are known to travel.

I’m sure this gent is very glad the shark was after his catch and not himself.

Check this out!

4 benefits to house rendering in Sydney.

House rendering Sydney.

Recently, I’ve been hearing and reading about the technology of house rendering. This is a popular method of upgrading a home in Europe. However, house rendering in Sydney as well as other areas in Australia is rapidly gaining in popularity. I did look to see if there’s house rendering such as this in North America and

The 6 best microbrewers across the nation.

Microbrewery beer selection.

The United States is home to nearly 2,400 microbrewers, spread across different regions. These microbrewers offer their craft beers in much smaller quantities than offered by Coors, Budweiser, and similar companies. Often, these can only be found regionally, either sold by the microbrew companies themselves or offered at local pubs and stores. If you have

My top 10 all-time favorite movies.

My top 10 all-time favorite movies

It’s Sunday morning, depressingly rainy, and I sit here with Mark, watching one of his (and my) top 10 all-time favorite movies – Monsters vs. Aliens. So, I’m inspired and decided to create a list of my top 10 favorite movies. When I look at this list, I realize what a kid at heart I

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