10 great ways to save money on home renovations.

10 great ways to save money on home renovations.


Whether you’re thinking of building an extension or remodeling your kitchen, a home renovation is likely to cost a lot of money.
For those on a tight budget, here are a few handy ways to save money on home renovations.


Time your renovation right.


There are certain times of the year when you can get a lower rates from contractors and a better deals on supplies.

The early months of the year are often a quiet time for contractors as most people are still financially recovering from Christmas. As a result, many contractors may charge more competitive rates.

Some projects are better arranged in certain seasons when there’s less demand. For example, most people decide they want to plan a home insulation project in the winter, when they’re likely to be living with the discomfort of colder temperatures.

Less people are thinking about keeping their home warm in the summer and so you can often get cheaper deals on insulation materials, whilst insulation contractors may also charge less.


Consider converting before extending.


Want to extend your home so that you’ve got more space?

First consider whether its possible to convert the space you already have.

Attics and garages could be turned into extra rooms that are suitable for your needs. The cost of converting one of these spaces will be much cheaper than building an extension.

This is because the masonry is already there to work with and it’s simply a case of adding utilities and insulation.


Kitchen renovation




While it’s important to hire qualified contractors for electrics and plumbing, it’s possible to do many other jobs yourself, providing you’ve got the time and motivation.

You could save a lot of money doing what you can yourself. Aside from renting tools and buying materials, a large savings is possible when you don’t have to cover the cost of labor. 


Source your own materials.


Even if you don’t trust your DIY skills, you can still save money on contractors by choosing to source your own materials.

Many contractors make a profit on any materials they buy. Its worth doing your research so that you know the best places to look the necessary materials.

You’ll find many sites online where you can buy supplies in bulk, as is the case with these Henkel adhesives.

Also check your local home store for discounts. You may even be able to negotiate with many suppliers to bring down costs.


Shop second-hand.


It’s possible you may be able to find discounted second-hand supplies online.

On sites like Gumtree, you’ll find everything from reclaimed barely-used counter tops to opened cans of paint, much of which is likely to be a fraction of the price of brand new supplies.

It’s worth checking the condition of these supplies before parting with your money. There’s no use wasting your money on a cheap used bathtub that turns out to be just as mottled as your old one.


Use cheaper alternatives to luxury materials.


Marble look counter top.

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Many people will pay a premium price to have a marble counter top or a mahogany cabinet.

While you may love the look of these materials, consider whether it’s possible to fake the look with a less costly material.

Sites like Capital Marble Creations sell cultured marble, a largely synthetic but realistic alternative to marble which is cheaper and just as eye-catching.

Similarly, for those wanting mahogany, it may be possible to buy a cheap composite wood that’s veneered in mahogany for a much cheaper rate. There are also similar looking woods such as sapele and ipe you could consider.


Opt for click-fit flooring.


Replacing an entire wooden floor is an expensive job. Unless you’re doing it for structural reasons, you may simply be able to hide a shabby wooden floor with a fresh laminate wood layer over the top.

You can buy such flooring from sites like Discount Flooring Depot – known as click-fit flooring, this flooring can be made to measure and easily installed oneself. There are even vinyl and ceramic click fit options.


Revitalize old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint.


If kitchen and bathroom cabinets are looking scuffed up, consider whether you really need to buy new ones.

Installing new cabinets can be an expensive and precise job. Cabinets need to be completely level and secured well enough to withstand the weight of the contents.

Repainting your old cabinets with a glossy paint finish could make them look brand new again and is likely to be both cheaper and quicker.


Replace rather than relocate fixtures.


Want to replace an old oven or an old sink? Replacing these items could be a good investment, but you may want to think twice before relocating them.

Moving an oven across the room could mean having to do extra gas, plumbing or electric wiring which could add hundreds to your renovation costs.

By placing your new oven where the old one once stood, you won’t have to fuss around with extra plumbing.

Unless fixtures really are in an awkward place, keep them where they are and redesign the rest of the room around them.


Invest in green technology.


When replacing fixtures, it might be worth paying a little bit extra for a modern, eco-friendly washing machine or a multi-flush toilet. These green appliances are likely to save you money by consuming less water or power.

A home renovation could also be a good time to add in extra insulation to a room to help trap heat in your home.

For example, if you’re remodeling a bathroom, you could take the opportunity to add some cavity wall insulation and perhaps even fit a new double-glazed window in.

You may have to pay extra for these greener options but it’s worth the savings you’ll make in the long run.


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