3 frugal, crafty, low cost ways to decorate your home and save money.

3 frugal, crafty, low cost ways to decorate your home and save money.


Decorating your home can be time-consuming and expensive, but only if you choose it to be.


While it still might take you some time to decide on a design and color scheme, there are plenty of low-cost ways to refresh your interiors.


Use any or all of these 3 frugal, crafty, low-cost ways to decorate your home and save money, and you’ll end up with a happier and more unique home as a result.


Knit or crochet soft accessories.

Get crafty.


Getting crafty with your decor is a wonderful way of getting creative and saving yourself some money.

Instead of spending money on things like artwork and soft furnishings for your home, you can make your own.

Possibilities include:

Finding frames or other accessories from second-hand stores and refinish them or paint them in bright colors.

Learn to crochet or knit using YouTube videos and create your own blankets and cushions.

You can even use furniture you already have and refinish, reupholster or repaint and upcycle them.

Update cupboards and drawers by adding new handles or knobs, or adding a colorful wallpaper to line the inside of drawers and shelves.

There are no limits to what you can create.

Living room with wide plank flooring.

Push yourself to learn new skills and experiment with ideas. That way you will get innovative results and your home will have added personality and character.

I’m planning on starting a major project refinishing my kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts using beadboard and wood strips for an urbanized country look.

At the moment, I’m working on making rag rugs from old sheets, and in the past, I’ve created inexpensive drapes using twin sheets (see above), and printed and mounted some of my own favorite photographs.


Use discounts, coupons and rebate sites.


Another great way of decorating your home and saving money is by hunting for deals and coupons.

CouponChief, for example, has a huge range of discounts and promotions from stores like Home Depot and Target.

Do thorough research online to compare the best deals for your decorating needs. There are always promotions of some kind, you just need to find them.

Even promotions such as free delivery can save you money in the long run.

Sign up for retailers’ email newsletters and follow them on social media. That way you can stay up to date with sales and discount events. Frequently you’ll be given an introductory discount with your newsletter but use it wisely. Save it for a more substantial purchase to save as much money as possible.


Be smart with your accessories.


Instead of using your walls to do all the talking, use your decorative accessories to add color and detail to your room instead.

Wallpaper and paint can be expensive and take a lot of time to change. You can keep your walls a neutral color but still introduce color by adding accessories.

These could be candles, rugs, curtains, anything you like. These are much easier to change more frequently and are cheaper than wallpaper.


Decorative and/or scented candles.

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So save yourself some pennies and try out some of these ideas in your own home.

As you can see, you can still bring your family’s personality into your living space without having to spend a fortune.


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