3 key considerations to staging your home for a quick, profitable sale.

3 key considerations to staging your home for a quick, profitable sale.


What can you do to make prospective buyers roll-up to your front door and sigh, “Ahhh, we’re home “?


Stage it!


Three are three low-cost, highly effective considerations to staging your home for a quick and profitable sale. After these, if there are funds available, then start looking at more dramatic changes or renovations.


Across North America and Europe, real estate markets remain as depressed and deflated as ever. In the hardest-hit markets, one in approximately fifty homes is bank-owned; and, if you are selling a home in one of those markets, recovering your investment represents a formidable challenge.

Realtors, however, are quick to highlight the brighter side of the bad situation: People currently in the market for homes are exceptionally well-qualified and very highly motivated.

From your perspective as a seller, then, you safely may assume that buyers who come through your door have their financing in-hand and their expectations clearly in mind.

They and their realtors are ready to deal. All you have to do is make yours the most desirable house in the neighbourhood.

“Staging,” of course, is real estate sales jargon for showcasing all of your home’s most desirable features.

Think of it as the home sales equivalent of putting on make-up for a big night out, especially if your home is in a large housing development (housing estate in the U.K) where every third or fourth house is built according to the same design and floor-plan.

You must set aside your personal tastes and preferences, going instead for mass-market appeal.

Find ways to call attention to your upgrades and special touches but devote the majority of your attention to making your home appear light, spacious, and clean.


3 key considerations to staging your home

3 key considerations to staging your home.


Optimize your home’s curb appeal.


From the very first split-second that buyers see your house, they must feel its warmth and magnetism.

Everything about your front yard and entryway must scream out “pride of ownership!”

Even if your buyers don’t look at each detail through their microscopes, they will look critically. Therefore, the hedges and edges must show the telltale marks of your loving grooming, and you must coax the flowers into bloom.

The entryway must beckon visitors indoors, and a cute little tole painting proclaiming “welcome” never hurt.


Under stair storage.

Maximize your space.


Maximize your space.


Knowing that would-be buyers want space, space and more space, strategically give them what they want.

Maximize the space around your front door and in your entryway, making it easy for people to breeze right in, and make sure the floors or carpets in your entryway are sparkling clean.

Similarly, clear everything but the essentials from your closets, making them appear as large as possible.

You may seize this opportunity for organization and “free-cycling”. Anything you have not touched, worn, or used in a year should go to support a charitable organization.

Pay similar attention to all your storage spaces, because they will be examined. Help shoppers envision how good their own stuff will look in your house.


Details make the difference.


Details make the difference.

Details make the difference.

Above and beyond presenting your home in literally its best light, orderly and clutter-free, add a few extra touches to make it look, feel, and smell “homey.”

Add a bouquet of fresh flowers on the dining room table or set the table for an elegant family dinner.

Strategically place an open book on a comfortable chair in a cosy nook.

By all means, make your home smell inviting— air freshener and the aroma of cleaning products are not too inviting, the inviting smells are fresh coffee, fresh cooking and baking.

Try one simple trick: Put three cups of water in your crockpot, setting the temperature at low; then, add liberal doses of cinnamon and vanilla, recreating the delicious aroma of fresh-baked cookies.


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