3 lists that actually work for a cleaner more organized home.

3 lists that actually work for a cleaner more organized home.


Is your home getting away from you? …When was the last time you saw your sink free of dishes? …Or all your laundry was finally done and folded and put away? Using the following 3 lists will help you keep a cleaner more organized home.


If you’re like a lot of people you may find it hard to fit in the regular day to day tasks of keeping home into an already busy schedule.

Well there are three checklists for keeping a cleaner, more organized home that you can make use of today to help you finally keep on top of these household details and keep your home running like a well oiled machine.


Daily housekeeping list.


3 lists to accomplish a cleaner and more organized home.

Do you know what to do each day to keep on top of the regular mess and mayhem that happens in your home? A Daily Housekeeping list is a simple list of daily to-do’s that takes only minutes to complete and can keep your home in company-ready order.

Here is an example of some items in a Daily Housekeeping list…

  1. Make beds.
  2. Clean up dishes and wipe down counters after meals.
  3. Discard junk mail.
  4. Do one load of laundry.
  5. Spend 5-15 minutes cleaning one messy area of your home.

These few items, spaced out during the day are the best defense against a messy home.

Weekly housekeeping list.


Just as important as the daily upkeep of your home is a list of things to attend to in the house  each week. This list is a way to keep track of those items you wouldn’t do each day but would still want to see to once a week or more. Such as….

  1. Dust.
  2. Clean bathrooms.
  3. Vacuum, sweep and mop necessary floors.
  4. Change bed linens.
  5. Wipe down appliances in kitchen.

This simple list combined with your Daily Housekeeping list keep your home looking magazine spread ready.


A family chore list.


Make sure those contributing to the messes in the home help contribute to the cleanup. Give children age appropriate chores designed to help them learn the value of helping the family. Mom and dad can divide up the bigger chores as they see fit being sure not to overload one another. Put all these chores on one big list or give each family member their own chore list to keep track of and check off those items they are in charge of. Here’s an example…

Mom: Cleaning bathrooms, laundry, cooking.

Dad: Garbage, vacuuming, keeping garage tidy, recycling.

Child: Pet care, putting away own laundry, setting dinner table, clearing dinner table.


Every family is different. I know a family where dad is in charge of laundry and cooking a few days a week so adjust to your own family’s schedules and abilities.

Having a cleaner more organized home doesn’t have to take all day. Put these 3 simple lists to paper and bring big changes to your home.



This is a guest post by K Quinn.

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