3 simple changes to make your home brighter.

3 simple changes to make your home brighter.


Decorating a home for the first time can be tough. Not only do you have numerous options to consider, but decorating can be costly and take considerable effort.
However, for renters, those with limited budgets or even those who aren’t sure where to begin, a beautiful and curated home space is certainly possible. Everyone deserves to feel like their home space is a place for them. Comfort is achieved by allowing personal tastes influence surroundings.
Here are 3 simple changes to make your home brighter.


We suggest a few additions that can make all the difference when trying to avoid boring neutrality.

These suggestions are budget-friendly, can be installed easily and will look absolutely fantastic.


Sheer vertical blinds.


Sheer vertical blinds look fantastic and can lend real modern chic to a room.

Of course, they also offer a degree of fine control over the light and privacy that you are afforded in a room, making them the ideal choice for ground flats or bathrooms.

Thankfully, even a new homeowner can install them, as a simple fixture at the top of a window arch is usually enough to hold them in place.

While curtains are often a great choice for certain rooms, they can make more of a statement than you might be hoping for. This is because the thick material will be textured, colored, and as such will clash with or complement your room.

Blinds can keep the aura of a space natural, and their subtle design will help the room feel larger, and the features minimally applied.


Add mirrors.




A mirror is not just a fixture where you can check your appearance at convenient times.

If a mirror is of adequate size and is subtly placed, it can extend the visual space of a room. Sometimes, it is possible for the space to feel twice the size thanks to the mirror alone.

This not only because it offers a reflection of the room, but will bounce light around the room. Effectively, it serves as a ‘fill light’ – a term often used for the softening back fill lighting on a photographic or film set.

This helps the room seem more spacious, vibrant and airy.

Be sure to opt for a larger mirror with limited bezels and a regular shape such as a large oval or rectangle. This will help the mirror seem less imposing while secretly helping the room shine.


Use minimal colors.


Minimal colors.


A room should be decorated with only two to three colors at most – including the paint. This could mean painting the walls white or an off-color cream, while placing a carefully selected and bolder accent color in important locations.

For example, you might choose white walls, light red cupboards and black marble trims.

Limiting the color choices can make a room seem cohesive in its design. It reduces the visual size of furniture in the room, and helps light bounce around the interior with ease.

Themed colors like this will always look better in a modern home. However, don’t be afraid to experiment and find a design you like!

After all, what good is home decor if it isn’t to your taste?


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