4 key habits to increase your home’s longevity.

4 key habits to increase your home’s longevity.


Increasing the lifespan of your home is about keeping up with the required maintenance.


There are numerous parts of your home that need to be maintained, and here are some ideas for increasing the longevity of your home.


Maintain your exterior.


Having a properly sealed home prevents the interior from becoming damaged. This includes maintaining your roof and siding.

You should inspect your roof each year to ensure that there aren’t any visible signs of damage. A leaking roof can damage your sheet rock. It may even lead to mold growth in your home.

You might want to consider hiring a roofing professional to perform this inspection.

Make sure that your siding is in good shape. Rotten spots can lead to moisture buildup in your home and it can also be an avenue for bugs and critters to enter your home.


Watch for infestations.


Pest control is a big part of maintaining your home.Ant infestation

Termites and carpenter ants can eat away at the wood in the floors and walls, with the resulting damage weakening the structure of your home.

Other types of pests can be a nuisance or may be unsanitary. Squirrels, raccoons, and mice can also get inside through small holes.

Many of these types of critters can destroy the insulation and wiring in your attic and walls – in some cases even starting fires by chewing on electrical wires and causing fires when the wires short out.


Prevent electrical fires.


Another key consideration for preventing electrical fires is to not overload your circuits. Having too many items plugged into one outlet can cause the wires to overheat, resulting in sparks and fire.

Many people use extension cords to reach the outlets in their homes. In addition to the fire risk, this poses a tripping hazard.

Having outlets that are appropriately spaced will allow you to plug in items without an extension cord.

Your home also needs to have enough circuits to support your usage. Too few circuits can lead to an electrical fire.


Use your appliances appropriately.


Appliance leaks

Appliances that are used correctly tend to last longer. Another benefit is that they won’t cause damage to your home.

An overloaded clothes washer can walk around the room. This can lead to flooring damage or even water damage if the water hoses become disconnected.

A part of using your appliances correctly is to maintain them.

If your fridge has exposed coils, they will need to be cleaned periodically. This can prevent your fridge from overheating or springing a leak.

Dishwashers also need to be cleaned occasionally. A leaking dishwasher can cause serious damage to your kitchen.


There are many aspects to consider when maintaining your house. Start with these ideas to increase the longevity of your home.