5 business ideas to start in your garden.

5 business ideas to start in your garden.


We have talked a lot on this site about home business ideas.
However, why confine yourself to the indoors when there are plenty of business ideas to start in your garden?
Provided you have the space, there are numerous opportunities ahead of you. 


Petting zoo owner.


Our son Stu loving the bunnies at a petting zoo.

Our son Stu loving the bunnies at a petting zoo.

While rhinos and elephants are out of the question (think of the damage they would do to your hydrangeas), it is still possible to operate a small zoo from your own garden.

Of course, you will need a fairly large garden, and you will also need zoning permission from your local council.

Provided you have the space and shelter for the animals you are keeping, such as Vale Stables field shelters, you could keep horses, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and more.

There is the upkeep to consider, and you must have the skills to care for the animals.

However, if you have the know-how, you can make a tidy profit from your zoo.


Fruit and vegetable farmer.


You don’t need us to tell you what foods to grow, as there are so many to consider.

If you are a regular harvester, just place a sign outside your home to let people know of the produce you are selling.

If you have culinary skills, you could go one better and turn your fruits into glorious jams or pies. You could sell them from a produce stand outside your home, a local garden market, or even to your local supermarket if they accept homemade goods.




There’s no sting in this tale as you can make a profitable business selling honey.

Of course, this isn’t a business you can start without some training, so it is worth finding a mentor. That person who can guide you through the process.

You can also pick up beekeeping tips online, so do your research.

We mentioned selling honey, but there are other ways to make money from your bees.

You could sell your bees, use excess beeswax to make candles, or even start a pollination service for crop growers.


How-to tutor.


Got a particular skill to teach others?

Do it from your very own garden.

Classes could include art, flower arranging, gardening, pottery, keep-fit, and even beekeeping (if you’re still buzzing from our idea above).

If you’re looking to get accredited as a tutor, you should sign up with a tutoring agency.

This is also something you can do informally, but you should still look into liability insurance to protect yourself should any accidents occur on your premises.


Airbnb rentals.


The next time you’re thinking of home renovations, consider your garden.

Build an extension that could serve as lodging for people looking for holiday accommodation.

Admittedly, this will only work if you’re living in an area where holidaymakers are likely, but if so, you can make a nice profit, as many people prefer an affordable home away from home experience rather than the expense of a hotel.


Have we sown any seeds in your mind?

Are ideas starting to sprout?

Let us know if so, and if you have started any other kind of business in your garden that isn’t mentioned here, give us a shout so we can all benefit from your inspiration.

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