5 classic children’s toys that have been played with for generations.

5 classic children’s toys that have been played with for generations.

Toys have been a big part of childhood for a very long time, having been developed by the Romans and the Ancient Greeks. The sheer variety of toys on the market is unprecedented.
Although technology has had a big impact on the range of toys available to children today, there are still a number of classic children’s toys that are still being played with decades after they were first introduced.


While there are many great toys to choose from, here are our top five!


Play kitchens.

Play kitchen.

For the aspiring child chef, what is more fun than putting a ‘cake’ into the oven, while you make a ‘fried egg’? Everyone leaves full up and satisfied, as the possible food combinations are endless.

A compact kitchen is perfect for children who want to play house.

Sets of plastic pre-prepared play food, dishes, etc. can be purchased to add to the fun.


Hobby horse.

This simple traditional toy can provide hours of imaginative fun!

One minute you are a cowboy (or cowgirl), and then you are part of the queen’s guard, before you finally race your friends at ascot (or your back garden).

The hobby horse, which is also known as a stick horse, has been around since before the existence of cars. The toy has even featured in historical art, such as, Children’s games by Pieter Breugel the Elder, 1560. Can you spot the boy on the hobby horse?

The humble hobby horse is just as much fun now as it was then – or so we can assume!


Doll House.

Children have been playing with doll houses for centuries and they are still a playroom favourite.

Playing with miniature doll families sparks even the dullest of imaginations and it’s easy to see why many children and adults alike still long for a doll house in their collection. Doll houses have been traced to Egyptian Tombs. They underwent mass production in the 1930s and are still popular today, resulting in this wooden classic passing the test of time.


Cash register.

“That will be $5 please”. That $5 bill is for chicken legs, milk, a cake, carrots, eggs and some baked beans – maybe the country’s cheapest store – but children, little and big, love to play the shop keeper.

Not only does the beloved cash register provide hours of fun, it also helps improve maths skills. This toy classic has had many makeovers since the original model, which was released in the 1940s, but the joy that our kids get from it is no different.


ABC building blocks.

Classic children's toys.

Classic children’s toys have stood the test of time.

The first recorded mention of building blocks was in 1963, when John Lock described these as, “dice and play-things, with the letters on them to teach children the alphabet by playing.”

Not only can these colourful blocks be used as an educational tool to help children learn their language, they are also great to build into tall towers and long walls!

Frequently used in child photo shoots, it is easy to see why these blocks are still as popular today as they were decades ago.



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