5 easy ways to decorate a chain link fence.

5 easy ways to decorate a chain link fence.


We’ve all seen chain link fences, and many of us have them, but sometimes they’re not really fun to look at.

These necessary demarcation devices are often, at best, boring to behold; and sometimes, they’re the eyesore of an otherwise beautiful yard.

Here are five easy ways to decorate your chain link fence and improve it’s visual appeal.


Clean it up!


We mow lawns, trim hedges and sometimes even power-wash the driveway or house, but how often do we think about cleaning that old fence up?

Sometimes, all it needs is a good scrub. Power washers are relatively inexpensive to rent or even buy and work wonders on pretty much anything sturdy and dirty, including a metal fence.

Give your grimy fence a good scrub and see if that doesn’t bring it back to life!

In the worst case, you have a clean fence when you’re done.




Paint appealing colors.

If washing your fence didn’t do the trick, a new coat of paint is a good way to jazz it up.

It can be a tedious process, but the results are fabulous!

After your fence is dry, pick a day when you’ll have a couple days of dry weather. Sand down any rusted spots and pick your color.

There’s a wealth of all-weather paints on the market these days, suitable for fencing. Ask your local paint guy at the hardware store for suggestions.

You can go traditional with a silver/aluminum color if you just want to clean it up, or spice it up with a vivid, modern color to accent your home and style.

Spray paint is a tempting option, but unless you and your neighbor are OK with having grid patterns sprayed onto your grass until the next mowing, you may want to go the traditional brush and bucket route.

If you want some cheap labor, it also makes a great summer project for bored teens!


Light it up!


Lighting is a great way to change the look of your fence and has plenty of options.

For a simple and effective option, run a string of holiday lights across the top. White is recommended for a year-round look, but any color that suits your style is perfect.

For a more eco-friendly, year round option, install solar powered lights at each fence post.




Any outfit can be taken from blah to outstanding with a few well-chosen accessories. The same is true of your fence.

Treat it like a short wall in your home, and dress it up with all-weather accessories, like sculptures or weather-resistant art.

A long run of fence might be a great place to hang a woodcut map of the world, or your family’s initials, or whatever strikes your fancy!


Let it grow!


If you have a small yard, don’t take up valuable ground space with planters and beds. Use hanging planter bags and baskets along your fence.

You can grow everything from fruit and small vegetables to flowers in a hanging planter. There are even plants you can buy that discourage mosquitoes and other yard pests.

We’ve all seen the wonderful ideas for vertical gardens. Why not install a vertical garden (or two) on your fence?

These ideas add color and life to your yard without a ton of expense. You can also plant vines that will cover the fence, adding a beautiful look of greenery as well as privacy.


Bonus tip!


Winter wonderland fence.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to spruce up the look of your yard in the winter months. Here’s a beautiful, easy idea.

Why not sprinkle water down the fence lightly in freezing temperatures to create a glittering icy expanse.


You can always visit a fencing company and replace your chain link with a different style, but with a little imagination and a weekend’s worth of work, you can turn that old fence into something fantastic just the way it is.

Look into different ivy types, paint styles, or slats you can slide between the links in order to make your chain link fence the pride and joy of your yard.

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