5 essentials for organizing a modern closet.

Whether you have a large walk-in closet, or a limited area for clothing storage, the closet has become an essential part of modern home storage. Keeping your closet well organized, tidy, and functional has become easier and more stylish using the many options available on the market for closet shelving and storage. As you attempt to create an organized closet, be sure to check-out these tips for organizing a modern closet and keeping it tidy and trendy.
Organizing a modern closet

Organizing a modern closet.



One of the first and most essential parts of any organized closet space is proper shelving. Shelves allow you to stack folded clothes, store bed sheets, or hold on to any number of other items in an organized way. If your current shelving is too small, or space is limited due to a poor layout, you may be in the market for new and innovative closet shelving options. With the evolution of the modern closet shelf, many options are now available for organizing any kind of closet space. Whether you are looking for a kid-friendly design or shelves for an adult’s closet, different shelving selections will be more effective in different areas.


Garment Rack

Keeping your closet clean and organized is one of the most important parts of making it an appealing space. A great place to start when organizing is to get everything off of the floor. In order to keep any walking space open and give your closet a bigger feel, garment racks are an essential part of keeping the area organized. Not only will your closet seem bigger, but hanging your clothes on a garment rack will keep them from wrinkling or becoming lost within the jumble of your closet storage.


Shoe Racks

One of the most common items found cluttering unkempt closets are shoes. Shoes can pile up, get lost, and even become a tripping hazard in the floor of a closet. Modern design implements clean and functional organization tools to make the most of a space while keeping it looking its best. Using a shoe rack you may be able to keep your shoes better organized and off of the ground where you can avoid tripping on them or losing them.


Storage Cubes

One of the coolest new trends in organization is storage cubes. Storage cubes are a versatile and functional closet organization tool that allow for custom-sized storage options. With options ranging from two cubes to as many cubes as you can stack together, these little cubbies make for great makeshift closet shelving. With dividers between each cube, perfect sized squares are formed for stacking folded pants, towels, or accessories like belts and hats.


Storage Baskets

Along with storage cubes, storage baskets have become a great way to add a personal touch and modern flare to your closet. These baskets are often designed to slip easily into storage cube slots for storing items like socks, undergarments, or anything else you might have in your closet. These popular baskets come in many different color and material options, and allow you to hide your belongings for a cleaner more polished final look.

As you create a modern and organized closet space, be sure to keep these organization essentials in mind.

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  1. I need to clean my closet as I am afraid it’s going to swallow me up everytime I open the door