5 often forgotten aspects of your home to update.

5 often forgotten aspects of your home to update.


When you hear the words “home renovation” mentioned, the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is a complete overhaul of your kitchen with new counters and cabinets.
You may also think of open layouts, new windows, improved patios and landscaping and updated flooring.
While the following five often forgotten aspects of your home to update may not occur as frequently as these others are, they remain vital parts of your home to focus on when doing an update or getting ready to sell.


Bathroom faucets.


While you may have been eager to change out your old, stained tub or replace a chipped tile floor in your bathroom, you may have overlooked another small but important part.

Your bathroom faucet is seen nearly any time you enter that room and can look either dated and tarnished or modern and timeless.

Updating your bathroom faucets does not have to cost a lot of money. However, be sure that they match the design style of your entire home.


Doors and trim.


Update doors and trim.


If you have changed your paint colors and added in hardwood floors but have not updated your doors and trim, your home may look muddled.

Consider adding paneling to the hollow doors that your home already has, or switch in sliding barn doors in one area of your home.

Elevate your home’s style by using crown molding or molding that goes a step beyond the basic option sold at most home improvement stores.




While your closets are rarely seen by anyone but you, they significantly affect the convenience and organization in your home.

Consider adding closet systems to your bedrooms to increase space.

If you can, carve out additional closet space in your home or basement because most older homes are significantly lacking in storage space.


Electrical systems and pipes.


Although these may not add to the beauty of your home, they can add to its value and safety because most home buyers will have your home inspected for electrical systems and plumbing that is up to code.

Hire an electrician to check your circuit breaker panel or to repair outlets that do not work.

Schedule a plumber to come repair slow-draining pipes, add in a garbage disposal or upgrade leaky pipes.




An updated thermostat can save you significant money if you choose an energy-efficient option. These thermostats can be set up to heat or cool your home to different temperatures throughout the day and night depending on whether you plan to be at home or away from home.

They often cost less than $300 but can save you a significant amount of money in the first year or two that you own them.


Even if you feel as if your home is nearly perfect as far as updates go, you may be forgetting some part that will help it to feel more cohesive, make your life simpler or even save you money over time.

While these pieces may be small or may not be noticed by guests, they certainly make a difference in comfort.

When you consider your next renovation, be sure to include one or more of these oft-forgotten aspects.

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