5 tips to combat allergens in your home.

5 tips to combat allergens in your home.


During the spring and summer months allergens become one of the peskiest issues you will have to contend with.


There are about a billion different allergens in the world and there is no real way to avoid them.


However, there are some ways that you can combat allergens in your home.




Change furnace filters.


combat allergens in your homeOne of the biggest causes of allergens is of course a dirty furnace filter. It is crucial that you change it often and even perhaps invest in an allergen reducing filter.

The furnace filter essentially collects and stores all the allergens that float around your house on a daily basis.

With a good filter, you can reduce the amount of allergens that are being re-deposited into your home quite efficiently. Making sure your filter is clean and replacing it every two to three months is by far the easiest way to reduce overall home allergens.




Hypoallergenic bedding.


Reduce your exposure with things like hypoallergenic bedding and cushions.

This type of bedding is made with artificial fibers instead of things like goose down which commonly cause allergies.

Using a hypoallergenic option is a great way to cut down on allergies in your home.




Dust often.


Reduce the overall number of them that are in your home.

This means dusting often.

Each day our bodies and our pets deposit large numbers of dead skin cells, providing food for dust mites, a very common allergen.

Taking the time to dust at least once or twice a week can help reduce overall allergens and can help keep your home looking spiffy and clean.




Drapery cleaning.


Most people tend to neglect their draperies.

These are essentially dirt and allergen magnets that collect and store large amounts of biological material that can cause horrible allergies.

It is important that each time you deep clean your home, you take down your drapes and give them a good clean as well.

This will help remove the dust and allergens that have landed on your curtains and rested there.




Vacuum with a good filter.


Vacuum with a good allergen filter.

This will help greatly reduce the dust and deposits that are put back into the air from causing allergies.

A good vacuum filter will keep the dust and nasty particles from being put back out in the air through the exhaust of the vacuum.

A good filter will also help to put clean air back into your home keeping your air clean and breathable.

Any of the tips mentioned here can help keep your air cleaner and more breathable.

Though allergens are not something you can typically avoid, you can help curb them and make for a much safer and healthier home.

These tips can help make your air cleaner and healthier for you and your family.


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