5 ways to update your boring old garden.

5 ways to update your boring old garden.


Now that the warm weather has arrived, we all tend to spend more time in our gardens for sun-bathing, BBQs, evening parties and more.


It’s the time of year to really make the most of the outdoors. However, now that you’re spending more time outside, you may decide you’re not happy with your garden. Something needs to change but you aren’t quite sure what.

Here are some ideas to update your boring old garden.




New deck.


Decking can be a great way of updating your garden space. Whether you use it at the entry to your home as a way of introducing the garden to visitors or you have a designated dining space for outdoor dinner parties, it’s sure to look fantastic.

Be adventurous. This summer, don’t go for wood coloured decking.

Why not spice it up a little and go for greys or pastel colours.


Add a water feature.


Nothing relaxes you quite as much as a warm summer day and hearing the sound of water cascading through your garden.

You could choose to purchase an ornament with a water feature or you could go all the way and install a fish pond.

If you choose a fish pond, you’ll need a decent pond pump, which can be found if you click here.

You could also add ‘WOW’ factor by adding a bridge across the pond. It doesn’t have to be one you can walk across; a miniature bridge will serve the same purpose.


Add lighting.


Solar garden and patio lighting.

A few warm lights in the garden can really create a magical atmosphere.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, the most efficient being solar powered lights. Choose from strings of twinkling lights to stand alone lights that shine on a pathway through the garden.

Why not go for something really special by lighting up a dining area?

Don’t forget to light bug repellent candles; the solar lights can attract them.

Here are some ideas for adding lighting to a garden.


Add colour.


Summer is the time of year for experiencing the colours of the rainbow all around us in our gardens.

If you want to see more life and colour in your garden, consider planting a few new flowers in pots and baskets.

You can also paint wooden furniture and add coloured cushions to benches or deck chairs.

Don’t be afraid to add accessories to your garden either. You could fill a glass jar full of spray painted acorns or glittered balls and lights.


Add features or artwork.


Get your garden ready for fall with these top tips.


Adding artwork to your garden is easier than adding artwork to your interior.

There are so many sculptures and pieces of metal work that you could include in different areas of your garden.

If you’re artistically creative, why not try your hand at a new design on your garden shed or use outdoor paint to paint murals on the wall of your home or shed.

Designing your garden can be a satisfying expression of your artistic side.


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