7 facts to make you wonder why you don’t use natural cosmetics.

7 facts to make you wonder why you don’t use natural cosmetics.


The high street is awash with cosmetics.


Every week, it seems like there are a hundred new lotions and potions guaranteed to make us look ten years younger.


As wondrous as these products are, some of them are less than natural cosmetics that contain materials that can be harmful to our skin.


7 facts to make you wonder why you don't use natural cosmetics.

7 facts to make you wonder why you don’t use natural cosmetics.

So is there an alternative out there?
Something that looks great and is good for us too?
The answer is yes!
Natural cosmetics are like a little kiss from Mother Nature herself – full of the good stuff with not a nasty chemical in sight.
Here are 7 favourite pro-natural facts to make you wonder why you don’t use natural cosmetics.



Truly natural products.


These products are all-natural however, there can be a slight confusion between what we believe to be natural and what is truly natural.

Products that have the Certified Organic seal are fully endorsed by established and respected bodies such as ACO, BioGro and USDA Organic.

Unfortunately, due to the cosmetics industry being unregulated, it is very easy for some companies to use the term ‘natural’ very loosely.

Follow the Certified Organic sealed products and you can be confident that what you are using is 100% natural and eco-friendly, from the manufacturing and sourcing to recycling and biodegradable packaging.

Endorsed products can provide complexion flattering powers that come from plants and flowers – with additional nutrients coming from vitamins and minerals rather than harsh chemicals.

The result?

Your cosmetics haven’t been tinkered with in a lab, they’re just as nature intended.




A life-saver for people with allergies.


If you suffer from allergies or sensitive skin, finding the right cosmetics can be a nightmare.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that these allergies and sensitivities can be triggered by synthetic ingredients in cosmetics – resulting in painful and unsightly reactions.

By using natural cosmetics, you’re putting gentle ingredients that soothe rather than artificial ones that aggravate onto your skin.




Animal lover? Perfect!


If you’re an animal lover, you might want to give your make-up bag an overhaul!

Often the process of developing cosmetics involves animal testing, which isn’t nice for our furry friends. Luckily, most natural cosmetic companies are concerned about animal welfare too, which is why the majority are against animal testing and using animal by-products.




If you’re green, they’re great.


Natural cosmetics are good for the planet too! By reducing our intake (and reliance on) chemically and artificially manufactured ingredients, natural cosmetics are a great choice for the woman who is environmentally conscious as well as concerned about looking good.




They don’t have to blow the budget.


If you’re watching your budget, then going natural is a great move.

As they aren’t globally advertised in huge campaigns, companies are often less worried about selling them for a hefty price. You can often find natural cosmetics at great prices both in store and online, so snap them up!




There’s a huge variety.


If you think that natural cosmetics only cover a small area of beauty, then think again!

There is everything from face masks to mascara, from lipstick to anti-aging creams.

Just because they might not occupy as much of the market doesn’t mean you can’t swap most of your essentials for natural products that are just as great.




They will do wonders for everyone.


It doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have.

Tea tree oil is perfect for those who are prone to breakouts, Argan oil is great for dry skin and camomile is anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic and antiseptic – perfect for those with sensitive skin.

The great thing is that natural cosmetics are full of these kind of ingredients, so check the label and discover the perfect product for you!


Time for a cosmetic shake-up!


Now that you know just how great natural cosmetics are, there’s no reason not to give your beauty cabinet a complete overhaul.

Just remember to check the label for anything nasty and check that the company really is certified organic if the product states that they are.

Made from nothing more than what can be found in our wonderful world, your skin will be glowing!

Published by Jana Cevelova

Jana Cevelova is the Marketing Director for family-run online shop Purely Natural Cosmetics based in London. Jana and the rest of the team have a true passion for all things organic and natural and believe that everyone should feel the benefits of natural cosmetics.