7 signs of a healthy relationship.

7 signs of a healthy relationship.

“Healthy relationships… Let’s not forget it’s you and me vs. the problem… NOT you vs. me.”

(Steve Maraboli)


Being in a healthy relationship means enjoying a connection that is good for you and makes you feel happy. Every relationship has both its good and bad points, and its in-betweens.
Here are the 7 signs of a healthy relationship.


You agree to disagree.


You agree to disagree.

When it comes to relationships, compromise is the key.

It’s impossible to share the same opinions with your partner, so you need to respect each other’s differences.

Even if important issues are at stake, you should find a way to turn differences into compromise.


You have your personal space.


Being in love doesn’t mean you should spend all your time together. Everyone needs some time alone now and then as this helps you keep your relationship fresh and continue to develop individually.

It also instills self-sufficiency and strength, so if you ever put an end to a relationship, you won’t feel like your entire world is crumbling down because you’ve lost the only and only person you were attached to.


You trust each other.


Trust should represent the foundation of any healthy relationship. If you think about an unhappy liaison from the past, most of the times you’ll realize one of the biggest issues was lack of trust. However, building trust takes time and patience, and you also need to wait until you are ready for every next milestone in your relationship.
You fight

It can be tough to disagree with your partner, but neither should you hold back and never speak your mind. Happy couples are those who fight wisely and never let things get out of control.

If your idea of fighting is bringing up past conflicts, calling names, or putting people down, you are damaging your own relationship.

Here are two rules you should always follow in an argument: criticize the person’s behavior, not the person; and communicate assertively and in a calm manner.


You are honest with each other.


If you are in a mature relationship, you should be able to tell your partner if you’re not happy about something, you don’t agree to their point of view, or if you don’t like the same things.

At the same time, your partner shouldn’t feel upset because you’ve told them their new outfit doesn’t suit them well or the dinner they cooked could have been better, as long as you are not offensive.


You make decisions together.

Problem solving and decision making.

From where to go out this week-end to how many children you’d like to have, every decision should be made together.

When someone imposes their will without caring what their partner thinks, their relationship is definitely not healthy.


You are kind to each other.


Anger is a major problem for many people who are in a relationship.

When you’ve known each other for a long time, it’s easier to burst out in front of your partner rather than approaching the people who are actually guilty of ruining your day.

This may be the most difficult issue you’ll need to handle in a relationship, but if you really care about your future together and want things to work out, you can’t use your partner as a punching bag at the end of each stressful day.

You need to show more respect and kindness to your partner than to anyone else.


Last, but not the least, your relationship is healthy when you say to each other “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, and “Thank you”!


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