A Noble Game or A Bullying Shame?

Well, deep down I knew it was to good to be true – my hope that the Canucks would bring the Stanley Cup home.

But, I must say that I have been sick to my stomach several times throughout this series – and not because the Canucks were struggling at times. I have been so-o-o-o disappointed in the level of sportsmanship and professionalism displayed from both the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins.

Although I don’t much like the physicality of the game, I get it. But there’s a huge difference between physicality and what we witnessed during this final series. Due to the dirty tactics, deliberate targeting of key players, embellishment and baiting that occurred with both teams, I was not able to enjoy the games. Each and every game ended with my having a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach regardless of who won.

The injuries were most disturbing to me. I would like to ask each and every Bruin one on one, “How do you honestly feel about this Stanley Cup win when you consider that Mason Raymond has a broken back? Was it worth it?”

What kind of a win is it when you win by picking off and picking at the key players of the opposing team?

More than anything, I want to watch rip-roaring, physical, above-board hockey and I realized last night how much I’m missing it. In disappointment and frustration, I told my husband after the game that I really don’t want to watch any more.

I know there are diehards who will always watch, regardless of the level of play, similar to with wrestling. They know it’s mean and faked, but don’t care as long as it’s fun to watch.

But who wins when they’ve alienated the fans who just want to watch a good old hockey game?