A backyard haven: Moving the indoors outdoors.

A backyard haven: Moving the indoors outdoors.


For most of us, a garden is just something that sits there behind our house.


It’s a bonus more than anything else, somewhere to sit outside when it’s hot, and a place for the children to play.


What interests me about this mindset is that you have plenty of space behind your house that’s not being fully utilized.


Think about it, there are loads of things you can do to create a more practical garden for your home – something that complements the main building.

To do this, you need to make the most out of every inch you have, and I’ve got some suggestions that will help.


Build a garden shed.


Adding a small building to your back garden is a fantastic way of ensuring you really use the space you’ve been blessed with.

A garden shed acts as a nice storage place for all your garden tools, along with any other things you can’t store in the house.

The great thing is, they can be very easy to build, particularly if you get a steel one made for you, then it’s just a case of fitting the parts together.

Among numerous companies available, the one most familiar to me is Armstrong Steel. Be sure to check reviews before committing to any company. Armstrong Steel reviews and any those for other companies should tell you everything you need to know about their company.

If you feel as though a steel shed doesn’t fit the aesthetics of your home, then a classic brick and mortar one is a good alternative or even a rustic wooden shed.

If you want to be truly creative, why not create a two-part, divided shed where the rear portion is the storage area, and the larger front part can be set up as an outdoor haven – a dream space.



Plant some vegetables.


This is one of my best ideas because I feel like it does two things at once for you and your property.

First, by planting and growing vegetables, you provide your family with fresh food. This is healthier and cheaper than going to the store and buying it.

If you waste food, it can go into a compost bin and be used to grow more food – it’s a real winner from a green, self-sufficiency point of view.

Second, a vegetable patch adds a nice look and feel to your garden. You get the added ‘food’ for your senses from the colors to the scents in the air too. It’s a very beautiful, practical way of using your back yard space.


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Create a patio.


A patio provides you with somewhere you can use for entertainment or practical purposes.

Parties can be hosted on the patio, and your family can put a table outside and eat there when the weather’s nice.

It’s also a great place to place some deck chairs for people to relax in. It opens up your home and gives you just a little bit of extra living space, transitioning  the indoors to the outdoors.

If your garden is big enough, then you can combine all or a few of these ideas. Start to get a lot more out of your garden space, rather than just wasting it.

For smaller gardens, maybe pick one or two of these ideas, depending on how much space you have to work with.


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