A man’s dream come true: Building a car lover’s garage.

A man’s dream come true: Building a car lover’s garage.



All too often, the garage is a neglected afterthought when designing or renovating a house. However, a garage can be so much more than just an empty space to store your car.
Whether you want a place to protect and display your prized possession or you plan on performing lots of heavy maintenance, here are some essentials for building a car lover’s garage.


Climate control.


Why are so many garages left incomplete with no insulation and an old inefficient space heater?

If you are going to be working and enjoying your garage on a regular basis, it should have the same climate controls as the rest of your house.

This means insulated walls, proper heating in the winter, and air conditioning during the summer.

If you live in a humid climate, a dehumidifier will not only boost your comfort, but it can also protect against rust.




Small dirty windows and a flickering fluorescent lamp do not provide adequate lighting.

Proper windows and lighting are definitely necessary, so you can see what you are doing when working on your car and for you to display it properly when showing it off!

As an added bonus, windows can offer much needed ventilation on hot days or when you’re working with volatile chemicals.


Garage door.


Building a car lover's garage.

Garage door.

Invest in a proper double walled and insulated garage door with good weather stripping.

This will help maintain a comfortable environment on the inside.

Also, if you live in a humid or marine area, this will protect your cars against corrosive environmental factors.

Of course, there are numerous levels of customization possible to suit your needs.




Another important amenity that so many garages lack is electricity.

A dedicated circuit breaker and multiple circuits and outlets will provide a lot of extra functionality for all your car service needs, including operating some serious tools and equipment.




Say goodbye to cracked and stained concrete garage floors.

Instead, choose a flooring material that will look great, while still be resilient against spills and stains.

One such flooring option is to install an epoxy concrete floor.

For example, interlocking PVC tiles or polyaspartic coatings make great garage floors.




If you have the vertical space for it, there’s nothing quite like a car lift.

Not only does a lift make it easier to perform all kinds of maintenance and repairs, some let you store two vehicles – one above the other.


Storage and workspace.


garage workbenchA good car garage needs a good workbench with tool storage – and it should be easily maintained and well organized.

An old, beat-up table and shelf just wont cut it.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of modular and customizable tool cabinets and built in garage storage units available for your garage.


Fire safety.


Your cars are valuable assets.

However, a garage can be a dangerous environment, since it’s full of flammable substances and electrical equipment.

That’s why it is important to have things like smoke detection, a sprinkler system, and a fire extinguisher to protect yourself, your house, and your cars.


Decor and comforts.


Garage comforts.

Creature comforts.

Who says a garage has to be a purely functional space?

If you’re going to spend time in your garage with your car, you might as well enjoy it!

Decorate it with your favourite automotive memorabilia and don’t forget to include a refrigerator for storing your refreshments!


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