Add a touch of green to your space.

Add a touch of green to your space.

Soften and brighten your décor with the strategic use of plants to add a touch of green to a neutral space, and to soften a stark, modern space.


When we are decorating, we often think about plants later in the process, or we completely leave them out, and…

green furniture

…let’s face it, you may be like me and not like to think of them at all because your thumb may be more brown than green.

The more bad experiences you’ve had with plants, the more likely you are to not consider them when redecorating. But, we know that plants make us happy, help us fill our batteries and be more productive.

Using plants in modern design is an even greater challenge, because modern design demands a look of pure lines and simplicity.

Nature, on the other hand, tends to be wild and chaotic. But that doesn’t mean that modern interiors shouldn’t have green in them.


The power of green design.


Adding plants to your design can make your room a work of art, and that is why interior designers frequently integrate plants into their designs. Next to thinking of the design, it is very important to consider who will be living in your home and what elements will suit or conflict with their lifestyle.

To start this process, experts have come up with shortcuts and patterns you can use.

Add a touch of green.

Add a touch of green to your home décor.

Long, linear windows can get a new injection of life if you put flower pots by their side. In that way, you create a bridge between the exterior and the interior, adding to the bright, fresh feel of the room.

Cactuses fit very well in a modern design. They are natural, generally grow into simple geometric shapes, and don’t demand a lot of attention.

Let your designing imagination work for you and plant a large number of them in one large pot.

Sand and stone are some of the elegant, natural elements you can use, and cactuses can live in such stark environments.

Modern, white cupboards, round turnable chairs and lamps can transform a space, giving you new dimensions of design, and a comfy little place to sit and read. With pure lines and neutral colors, a touch of green in the accent pieces like the pillows on the sofa, or a vase, can really liven up the space.

A glass terrarium on the coffee table is light and movable and is another ‘green’ option. Placed directly on a table or hung from a fixture or the ceiling, the glass container ties in with the modern, sleek design of the room.

If you love to cook, growing your own spices may be an ideal goal.

This would be a perfect opportunity to add green to the room and also have the spices handy for your creative efforts in the kitchen.

If you live in the city, this is a great solution to the lack of outdoor space for a garden.

Don’t be afraid. Just dive in and make your modern interior more beautiful.

With a smart plan and lots of light shining through your vertical blinds or curtains, adding a nice touch of green will make your space that much more beautiful.



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