Advice for parents: How to support your child as they study online.

Advice for parents: How to support your child as they study online.


Today, it’s not uncommon for students to choose staying at home with mom and dad in favor of moving away to a college campus.


Online study is often much cheaper, and gives students a greater degree of flexibility and independence when studying, with of course the added benefit of being able to study from home and still enjoy the various comforts of home life.


Today, students can choose from a massive range of programs online, from an online family nurse practitioner degree to degrees in business, science, marketing, IT, finance, and more available. We’ve put together some top tips for supporting your child as they study online.


Study space.


If you have a young adult at home who is studying for an FNP degree online, they will need a designated study space where they can go to work, revise, complete assignments, practice for exams, and more.

As a parent of a student who is going to be living at home whilst studying for their degree, the best thing that you can do is ensure that there is somewhere at home that they can go to work alone and away from any distractions.


Student technology.


Student technology.

If, like many parents, you are planning to get your son or daughter a gift for successfully graduating high school and getting a place on their chosen online college degree program, the best gift that you can get them in order to help them further their education even more is probably a useful gadget.

If your son or daughter has an old model of laptop, upgrading it for them could be a great idea as you’ll find that once they’re enrolled on their degree program, they will rely on their laptop more than any other gadget that they own.

Other great tech gift ideas for online students include tablets, e-readers, smartphones and smartwatches.


Financial support.


If you are planning to support your son or daughter financially through college, you will need to be aware of the differences between an online and on-campus program when it comes to tuition fees and other course costs.

One of the main advantages of your son or daughter choosing to study online is that if you are footing the bill, you won’t need to part with as much of your hard-earned cash, as online courses tend to be about a third-cheaper than traditional campus-based courses, on average.


Social life.


Campus social life.

For online students, especially those in the younger generation, the lack of social life that comes with studying online can often be very off-putting and can even leave some students feeling disheartened and demotivated.

As the parent of a student who’s enrolled in an online course, you can do your bit to ensure that they don’t become isolated by suggesting that they enroll at a college close to home. This will enable them to get involved with student life, or perhaps find various online student meet-ups and events for to attend.

Supporting a student who’s completing their degree online can have a few distinct differences to supporting a traditional campus-based student!


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