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Are you a blogger? Here are a few simple ways to spice up your blog.


Is your blog feeling a little dull and lifeless?


Perhaps it’s time you made a few changes.


Here are some simple ways to spice up your blog and pique your readers’ interest.


Invite guest writers.


Making your blog more interesting can be difficult, but one way of achieving this is by inviting guest writers to post on your blog.

They will be able to offer a new perspective on the issues and topics your blog covers, spicing up the content and prevents it from becoming dull or repetitive.

They also offer you the chance to grow your audience. You just need to make sure you can trust and rely on the person you’re asking to write for the blog.


Use a clear, attractive layout.


A content management system like WordPress can make blogging simple.

A content management system like WordPress can make blogging simple.


Every website should have a clear layout.

So, how clear is yours?

Just because you understand how the website functions, that doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors to the website do.

You should consider the logic of the layout and put yourself in the position of someone visiting the website for the first time.

This will help you to determine what improvements need to be made to its layout.

If you use a content management system or blogging platform, it should be relatively simple to make all of those changes.


Use the right images.


Use white space and images to draw the reader in.

Simple ways to spice up your blog: Use white space and images to draw the reader in.


Blogs are very visual.

If they simply focus on the information contained in the text, fewer people will be interested in reading.

Use white space effectively. Simply breaking up the text can make a big difference by visually drawing the reader through the page.

Images are ‘killer’ and in combination with well laid out text and white space, create visual variety. The right images can make a blog post come to life and catch the eye of someone casually browsing.

If you’re looking for new places to find images, there are plenty of websites where you can find free stock photos.


Post video.


Using videos takes your blog to another level.

Videos are much better at keeping people interested for a period of time and they’re more likely to be shared on social media.

Most people don’t want to sit and read a block of text, so using videos is the ideal solution.

The videos can take many different forms. Some people choose to review products, and other people just like speaking their thoughts to the camera.

Which option will be best for your blog will depend on the theme and what your audience wants.


Build a network.


Every blogger wants a strong network of readers.

Having a loyal group of followers means that your posts will always have an audience. This leads to discussion, and soon your blog starts to feel more like a real community.

This, in turn, will make other people more interested in joining the discussion and reading your blog.

Take any chance you get to grow the network around your blog.


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