Building a business? Cater an important business event in your home.

Building a business? Cater an important business event in your home.


The business event is a staple of the corporate world.
It’s an opportunity for great minds to get together, pinging ideas off of one another. It’s also a chance to network and impress – creating bigger and better opportunities.
It’s no different for someone who runs a home business. Getting ahead of the game in such a competitive field can be hard. After all, and you are your marketing department. One way of networking ‘en masse’ is to cater an important business event in your home.


It’s time to run your own business event and cater it wholly by yourself. To portray yourself as a responsible business person, and show everyone that you could be successful, this is a great chance.

If you cater a business event and pull it off without a hitch from the comfort of your own home, you can do anything!

With that in mind, here are a couple of pointers to get you started.


Make it easy.


By making it easy and not piling too much on your plate, you’re going to be able to stay on task.

Find finger foods that are easy to manage, have plenty of drinks on tap, and buy a set of spare glasses in case any of them break during the event.

Don’t be left to deal with a shortage when you want to show you can think ahead and be ready for anything.


Home catering for business

Know the purpose.


Sometimes we run business events simply to throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. We invite representatives from every company, entrepreneur or potential customer to impress them.

You can easily be run you off your feet pretty quickly, and there’s a good chance your home isn’t big enough to take on such large group.

Instead, pick one single purpose and stick to it, decorating and creating with it in mind.

To entice investors, invite the ones you’re in contact with and encourage them to bring along a friend.

To create a pool of potential customers, offer free samples and leaflets or business cards advertising your products. Be sure to include your website url, email and other contact information.


Keep the space clean.


Make sure you have a reliable way to deal with the waste a whole party of people can make. Even with only a handful of guests, you want to spend your time talking and making contacts – and not circulating with a rubbish bag.

Prepare for this and find a company like to hire a recycling service that’ll take care of the most annoying part of being a caterer – the cleanup.

This is your time to make your home business – and home – shine!

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