Care for each other, as much as yourself… Zen Pig

Care for each other, as much as yourself… Zen Pig

Care for each other…

…and never lose sight, that love is true wealth.


Care for each other - Zen Pig children's book teaches love.

Care for each other as much as for yourself – Zen Pig.

Such is the philosophy and lesson for our children brought forth by Mark Brown, author of “Zen Pig”.

“Zen Pig” is a critically-acclaimed children’s book character that teaches gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion in easy to understand language and is brought to life with beautiful, minimalist art.

“Zen Pig” practices what it preaches.

Children will love this book, learn from its valuable lesson, and hopefully pass that message and lesson on to their families and friends.

Partnering with the non-profit Know.Think.Act., each copy of “Zen Pig” sold provides 10 people access to clean water for 1 year!

In today’s society, a message of compassion is a refreshing change from the highly judgmental media, and even their own schoolyard playmates that our children are currently exposed to.

It’s important to take every opportunity to soften the message and return to time honored values.

One must learn the lesson and live by it in order to set an example for others.

What Other’s Are Saying.

“Such a wonderful, heart-filled message everyone 1-100 needs to hear!” – Courtney, Franklin, TN  

“Zen Pig is our families new favorite book!” – Tina, Chesapeake,VA  

“Awesome!” – Karen, Bellingham, MA  

As a result of the rapid acclaim for this book in a very short period of time, Mark Brown has been interviewed numerous times and has attended book signings, readings, etc.

“Zen Pig” has achieved a 5-star rating on and is now available at and for only $7.95.

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