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The end of holiday euphoria: You can dig yourself out of that mountain of debt.

  Financial imprisonment.   Living with debt is like living for someone else’s needs. You took out a loan a long time ago or recently incurred debt during the holiday season, and you’ll be forever paying for it…. Read More

Green living: First growth reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets | Georgia Straight Vancouver

  Green Living: First Growth Reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets by Lucy Lau Salvaged lumber typically sees new life as reclaimed-wood furnishings, fixtures, and small household objects. But one local maker is preserving the precious resource… Read More

How to get your finances in order this fall.

  Fall seems to come around faster and faster every year, just as thoughts of how much of an expensive time of year it is for your household. New clothes, bulk buying for the holidays and even unexpected… Read More

Accepting and adapting to the fact that different children learn in different ways.

  As a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you are undoubtedly going to be invested in your little loved ones’ educational experience. After all, from the age of four upwards, they are likely to spend a huge amount… Read More