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Green living: First growth reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets | Georgia Straight Vancouver

  Green Living: First Growth Reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets by Lucy Lau Salvaged lumber typically sees new life as reclaimed-wood furnishings, fixtures, and small household objects. But one local maker is preserving the precious resource… Read More

The generation gap: Bringing your kids and your parents together.

  Your parents are an important part of your life, and thus, an important part of your children’s’ life. Helping the two connect and eliminating the generation gap is a critical role you play because you, as a… Read More

The kids are gone: Turn your home into the perfect place for entertaining.

  After the kids left, my husband and I set about improving the home in ways that we’re sure they wouldn’t have appreciated.   Well, they might have but the fact is now that they’ve gone we’ve got… Read More

Family fun activities for all children, including those with special needs.

  If you have a child with special needs, you encounter the same joys as every other parent, but your challenges may be a little different.   Do you ever wish you could tell your fellow parent friends… Read More

Make the best of your home and encourage family time.

  As the kids grow up, it can be harder and harder to get them to spend some quality time at home with the family. It’s only natural, they are becoming more independent and want to spread their… Read More