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The generation gap: Bringing your kids and your parents together.

  Your parents are an important part of your life, and thus, an important part of your children’s’ life. Helping the two connect and eliminating the generation gap is a critical role you play because you, as a… Read More

Looking to transform an empty room? Consider these home-boosting options.

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Play zone mastery: Create a yard kids will want to play in.

  Don’t you love when your child complains that they have nothing to do, especially when you know it couldn’t be further from the truth?   Modern technology has made kids dependent on being constantly entertained. Combat this… Read More

How to encourage communication between family generations.

  Many well-intentioned adults have experienced a dead-end conversation with their children or grandchildren that begins with “how is school?” and ends with “good.”   Even for those who haven’t had this experience, engaging in conversation with younger… Read More

#HomeGoals: 10 things to make your home cool – aesthetically speaking.

  So, you just invested a good chunk of your life savings into this new house that you fell in love with the moment you first stepped inside.   And since it all belongs to you, you want to… Read More