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Stumped? Struggling for gift ideas for your hubby’s birthday?

  Those of us who are married struggle with this every year – what gifts to buy for our partners!   I do believe it’s much harder coming up with gift ideas for your hubby’s birthday.   Let’s… Read More

Another Olympic scandal? Could Russia and the USA be conspiring to shut out Canadian ice dance team Virtue and Moir from top medals?

I can’t help it. I’m proud of our Canadian athletes. Yet, on the same day news breaks about a collusion controversy between Russia and the USA in the ice dance competition – yet another Olympic scandal. I just… Read More

Hilarious ‘Paranorman’ Olympic Vault Commercial

I just saw this hilarious commercial for the movie ‘Paranorman’ (see video below). Talk about ‘sticking’ the landing. Erin would absolutely love this, considering her obsession with zombies, ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’, and ‘Harry Potter’. I just hope… Read More