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Are we burying our kids under heaps of stress and expectations?

  For quite a while now, I’ve been hearing how our children are overly buried by stress and expectations in today’s world. Then, I remembered a CBC News report I had watched about plagiarism and cheating in college and university,… Read More

Stumped? Struggling for gift ideas for your hubby’s birthday?

  Those of us who are married struggle with this every year – what gifts to buy for our partners!   I do believe it’s much harder coming up with gift ideas for your hubby’s birthday.   Let’s… Read More

Family time together is valuable time.

  We live in a digital age where people would often rather interact with screens than each other, and because of this, some of the traditional family values matter even more.   Family time spent together is valuable… Read More

Top outdoor adventures for modern kids.

Research by the National Trust indicates that more than four in five adults believe their children spend less time playing outside than they did at their age. The new age of computer games as well as over-cautious parents… Read More

Help make your children’s next summer the best of their lives.

Children live for the summer.   They get a prolonged period off school, and they get to relax and enjoy being kids. There are many ways to make your children’s summer the best of their lives. Take a look… Read More

How to contain and organize with a shoe collector and fanatic in the house.

Erin is a shoe collector – a fanatic. The more extreme the better, and she can never have too many. The only problem with this is the pile of shoes at the front door. We don’t have a… Read More