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Green living: First growth reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets | Georgia Straight Vancouver

  Green Living: First Growth Reclaimed transforms discarded lumber into festive trinkets by Lucy Lau Salvaged lumber typically sees new life as reclaimed-wood furnishings, fixtures, and small household objects. But one local maker is preserving the precious resource… Read More

Women’s health: Are the cosmetics, cleaners and chemicals we purchase safe?

Are you afraid to purchase cosmetics, scented products and cleaners for fear they’ll cause an allergic or sensitivity reaction? Join my club! I’ve been dealing with allergies, and chemical and scent sensitivities all my life. Before I discovered… Read More

5 often forgotten aspects of your home to update.

  When you hear the words “home renovation” mentioned, the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is a complete overhaul of your kitchen with new counters and cabinets. You may also think of open layouts,… Read More

Teen told she violated her high school’s dress code because she is ‘busty’ — seeking legal action.

  Student Kelsey Anderson was reportedly asked to leave class after her teacher accused her of breaking the school’s dress code.   The 17-year-old was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and jeans at the time, and was reportedly told she… Read More

Can you really afford that room remodel you so desperately want?

  Remodeling even a single room in a house can run into a lot more money than you initially estimate. That is why it’s essential that you work things out before you start, especially whether you can truly… Read More

Get with the times: Holiday gift shopping in the 21st century.

  I used to be like every other shopper in my younger years and would shop last minute for Christmas gifts, expecting to get great deals, but I was usually disappointed when the items I was specifically looking… Read More