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Veterinarians warn of risks marijuana poses to pets as legalization looms | Toronto Star

  Veterinarians say they’re seeing an increasing number of dogs sickened after ingesting marijuana. Vets are warning pet owners to take care as Canada prepares for cannabis legalization this year.   Dr. Jeff Goodall, a veterinarian who runs… Read More

Province pledges $49M for mental, physical health student programs | CTV Barrie News

  The Liberal government has kicked off the school year by announcing $49 million over three years for new and expanded programs to help the mental and physical health of students. Funding is being doubled to $12 million… Read More

Here’s how stress is killing you.

  Some of you may be sighing after reading that title. “Yeah, we already know that stress is bad for your health.” …and it’s true that the serious harm stress can do to your health is definitely much… Read More

The financial costs of chronic illness.

  We all suffer from bouts of ill health from time to time, and in the vast majority of cases, it’s a short-term thing, which is over within a few days at most.   Not everyone is so… Read More

Your DIY efforts don’t cut the mustard? Here are the professionals to call for help.

  From bad backs to bad smells in the home, and overflowing toilets to leaking roofs, sometimes just accept that you’re not going to be able to DIY it. Be comforted to know there is a professional out there… Read More

Improve your health and wellness with music.

  Music is known to make people feel joy and elation.   It is also a common tool for relaxation, and may even be used as a distraction from painful stimuli or stressful situations. In this sense, you… Read More