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Veterinarians warn of risks marijuana poses to pets as legalization looms | Toronto Star

  Veterinarians say they’re seeing an increasing number of dogs sickened after ingesting marijuana. Vets are warning pet owners to take care as Canada prepares for cannabis legalization this year.   Dr. Jeff Goodall, a veterinarian who runs… Read More

Trying to keep your head above water? What to look for in a plumber.

  Finding a good plumber can be challenging. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to ensure that you find a plumber to fit your needs.   When hiring a plumbing company such as ClearView Plumbing and… Read More

Is your sleep tracker sleeping on the job?

  Nearly half of Americans have trouble getting good sleep, the National Sleep Foundation reports.   Are you part of the statistic?   In hopes of sleeping better, many people turn to sleep trackers or sleep cycle monitors…. Read More

Are we burying our kids under heaps of stress and expectations?

  For quite a while now, I’ve been hearing how our children are overly buried by stress and expectations in today’s world. Then, I remembered a CBC News report I had watched about plagiarism and cheating in college and university,… Read More

Environmental sensitivities and allergies are a growing concern in the workplace.

I am one who has continually suffered from environmental allergies including to strong odors, perfumes, chemicals, cleaning products, etc. In fact, these sensitivities have exacerbated the frequency and severity of my migraines, leading to ongoing issues at my… Read More