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Women’s health: Are the cosmetics, cleaners and chemicals we purchase safe?

Are you afraid to purchase cosmetics, scented products and cleaners for fear they’ll cause an allergic or sensitivity reaction? Join my club! I’ve been dealing with allergies, and chemical and scent sensitivities all my life. Before I discovered… Read More

Host the best holiday dinner for your out of town guests.

  No matter how social you are — or how big your friend and family list is —  dinner parties can be quite stressful. For starters, you have lots of people crammed into your personal space. Home is… Read More

Tattoo tolerance is a great thing, but we need to work on tolerance for all our differences.

  One thing I’ve noticed since Erin started getting piercings and tattoos is the frustration she feels when her personal choices regarding body adornments cost her jobs and other opportunities.   She has done her best to put… Read More