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Cheesy Crockpot Tortellini | Belle of the Kitchen

The only way you’ll ever catch me cooking anymore is with a microwave or crockpot. At 58 and living in an empty nest, there’s no reason for anything else.


This Cheesy Crockpot Tortellini recipe caught my eye and is one I’m sure to give a try very shortly.


It’s been pretty busy in our house for the past few weeks. We moved out of our old house, and our new one is finally starting to look a little more organized. Well, a little. ?

My son also started preschool today! I am over-the-moon excited about this, since we’ve been on the waiting list since February of LAST year. He was so excited about going to preschool. When I picked him up today, he told me he needed to stay and listen to more stories, so I know he had a great time.

When there’s so many different things going on, I love to turn to my friend, the Crockpot. How great is this invention that cooks for you, even when you’re out and about and away from home? And with a recipe like this one, the Crockpot is going to be your new BFF, too!

A few years ago when we were stationed in Kansas, I babysat for a friend of mine and ate some leftovers that she had in the fridge. After my first bite of this delicious crockpot tortellini, I knew I had to have the recipe! I’ve been making it on a regular basis ever since and it has become one of my favorite, easy dinners.

The hardest part about making this is cooking the ground beef and italian sausage, which takes all of five minutes. So really not that hard. ? The meat sauce cooks all day and is rich and flavorful once it’s time to eat. Add in some tortellini, top with cheese, cook a bit longer, and voila! Mmmm delicious dinner!

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Source: Cheesy Crockpot Tortellini | Belle of the Kitchen

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