How to be a cleaning Ninja with my top 10 favorite cleaning hints!

How to be a cleaning Ninja with my top 10 favorite cleaning hints!


I have gradually come to know numerous household cleaning hints and have used them often enough that they have become an automatic part of my cleaning routine.


Don’t get me wrong – my cleaning is not routine enough as I hate housework, but these top 10 favorite cleaning hints are my favorites and they certainly do help!


#1  Fabric Stains


My family says they can “dress me up, but can’t take me anywhere,” and there is a reason for that. Food just magnetically finds its way to my shirt.

I tried an experiment when I got spaghetti sauce on my shirt. I went to the bathroom and rubbed liquid soap into the stain and let it sit until I got home that night. Once washed, the stain completely disappeared.

My logic was that if a stain is set once it has dried, maybe applying liquid soap would diffuse the stain and prevent it from drying completely prior to washing. It worked! …and I’ve been doing this ever since. I’ve successfully used this trick with blood, coffee, juice, and grease, among others.


top 10 favorite cleaning hints


#2  Ceramic Top Stoves


Did you ever think ‘cooked on’ water can be difficult to remove?

Neither did I, but it is.

I have a ceramic top stove and find the baked on stains are a problem. Originally, I was using the cream cleanser for ceramic top stoves, but on one occasion, I had run out of it and decided out of desperation to try gel toilet bowl cleaner.

I couldn’t believe how much more quickly and easily it worked. The stains came off with very little trouble.


#3  Air Freshener


Do you find your house is stuffy and a bit smelly from being shut up through the wet, rainy season?

I do, and believe me, we in British Columbia do have a wet, rainy season.

I boil a small pot of water with some baking spice tossed in. The spices I’ve used include cinnamon, nutmeg, apple pie spice, and allspice.

I’ve also done this with a few drops of essential oil. The scent permeates the house, leaving it smelling fresher and cleaner.


#4  Pillows


Clean and ‘fluff’ pillows every few months.

Add 1/2 cup baking soda to your usual laundry detergent and put through the cycle. Once done, fluff dry pillows on low to medium heat with two tennis balls covered with socks.

You’ll be amazed at how fresh and fluffy your pillows are! It’s important to always stay within the laundering guidelines on the labels as they can differ, depending on the fabric and stuffing material used.


#5  Cookware


To clean baked on ‘YUK’ from baking pans and pots, mix peroxide and baking soda to a paste and rub with a cloth on the pans.

The difference is almost immediate.


#6  Blinds and Lamp Shades


Use a disposable lint roller to clean dust from lamp shades and venetian blinds.

The narrower lint rollers fit neatly between the slats of venetian blinds without causing damage, as long as you’re careful.


#7  Floors


In the olden days, I foot cleaned – you know, throwing a cloth dampened with lightly soapy water on the floor and rubbing it around using my foot – especially for spot cleaning.

Well, new technologies have changed things and I find the Swiffer mops and sweepers handy as heck, but what do you do if there’s no pad available?

My mind immediately turned to my old foot cleaning solution and I thought, “Hey! I could use the foot cleaning method, but replace my foot with the Swiffer!” It worked great and I was still able to take pride in the integrity of my ‘lazy housekeeper’ solution.


#8  Pet Hair on Furniture


We have to compete with our two dogs and two cats for space on the furniture, and for the moment it can be funny, but cleaning up the pet hair isn’t so funny.

It’s easily removed using any of three ways.

First and second, lightly dampen the palm surface of a rubber glove or dampen a facecloth and rub the furniture in a circular motion. Hair will collect into balls that are easily removed.

Third, wrap a paint roller with duct tape with sticky side out, essentially creating an industrial size lint roller.


#9  Shower Heads and Faucets


To clean shower heads, and some faucets, etc., fill a plastic bag with enough CLR cleaner to cover and secure over the shower head with an elastic, leaving to soak for the recommended time according to the CLR instructions.


#10  Removing Labels


In the past, I tried soaking, scraping, and scrubbing to remove labels from glass and/or plastic containers, and none of these were ideal.

It usually took a combination of all three and a lot of elbow grease to get any results at all. Then I stumbled across this great hint in my Internet explorations.

Add a scoop of OxiClean to a kitchen sink filled with warm water. Just walk away and allow the items to soak for 30 minutes. All labels will come off easily.




#11  Windows


Use a sponge to clean heavier grimy spots first and then use a Swiffer sweeper or Swiffer mop with pad dampened with window cleaner or homemade window cleaning solution for the lighter cleaning after.

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