Cleaning tips for single guys – or indifferent housekeepers like me.

Cleaning tips for single guys – or indifferent housekeepers like me.


Originally, this was meant to be solely a list of cleaning tips for single guys, and then I realized they’d work just as well for an indifferent housekeeper like me.


Easy cleaning tips for single guys.


As a single guy (or indifferent housekeeper of any gender – like me), living alone or with roommates, one of the last things you want to do is clean.

Yet, one of the easiest ways to impress a guest is to present a clean living space.

Here are a couple easy ways to keep your living area clean and avoid the embarrassment of a dirty living space.


Remove the clutter.


This is the easiest way to clean up a place.

Beyond the obvious (clothes and dishes), developing a system for filing books, mail, or other important papers lying around can save you lots of aggravation.

Also, cutting back on the “knick-knacks” can alleviate the clutter, making an area look cleaner.


Windex: the all-purpose cleaner.


Thought Windex was just for windows and mirrors?

Think again.

After laundry and dish detergent, Windex should be the next essential cleaning agent a single guy can have. Besides working on glass, Windex is an excellent degreaser for counter and oven tops.

Need to clean up the toilet, sink, or shower?

Windex performs well in cleaning these surfaces as well. In fact, for surfaces other than wood and items you or your pets eat near, Windex is a formidable all-around cleaning agent.


Good smell goes a long way.


While Windex is an excellent cleaner, too much of it can give a place a slight “funny” odor.

Top off a clean living space with a good smelling air refresher.

Spray it just before guests arrive. This way it is not potent, but still lingering when they arrive.


Keeping it clean.


Upkeep is essential to keeping a living area clean.

Develop a schedule to clean all of your living areas periodically.

Make sure to keep key cleaning agents like Windex in stock. This will make clean-up before guests arrive easier and put you at ease when unexpected guests arrive.


Follow a few simple tips.


There are a few simple things to keep in mind that will help keep your home neat and tidy just about all the time.

Use some of the ideas below to keep you from doing a mad scramble when you find out guests are coming over.

  • Never leave a room empty handed. You can always carry a plate, cup or something from one room to another. You’ll find that this keeps the house nice and tidy without taking time out of the day to clean up all these things at once.
  • Everything has a place. Treat your home like you would your tackle box or garage. Give everything a place and keep it there.
  • Clean for 20 minutes every night. You will be amazed at what you can get done in that time. Just set the timer and keep busy on the house for the next 20 minutes. This time cleaning means you can wake up to a tidy house in the morning.


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