Manage your health your way and renovate your life!

getting fit and healthy

  There is no definitive guide or manual on getting fit and healthy. There is no one overarching way to boost one’s health except to manage your health your way.   Everyone has different demands, needs and desires when it comes to their health. So, if one health-boosting technique hasn’t worked for you, don’t be discouraged. Find the health-boosting techniques that are tailor made for you.   To get you started, here are some alternative health-boosting techniques.   Ease into your new healthy lifestyle.   What might have been holding you back from being the healthiest possible version of yourself

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A backyard haven: Moving the indoors outdoors.

garden shed

  For most of us, a garden is just something that sits there behind our house.   It’s a bonus more than anything else, somewhere to sit outside when it’s hot, and a place for the children to play.   What interests me about this mindset is that you have plenty of space behind your house that’s not being fully utilized.   Think about it, there are loads of things you can do to create a more practical garden for your home – something that complements the main building. To do this, you need to make the most out of

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Don’t beat yourself up: You’re not to blame for your broken resolutions.

How meaningful activities can reduce stress.

  So, while the first month of the year is nearly over, it’s time for you to review your achievements – and more important, to check on how those new year’s resolutions are doing.   After all, for a lot of people, the New Year marks the beginning of a period of hope and motivation.   There is no denying it: You want to make the most of the year to come, and that’s precisely what resolutions are for.   The main reason for this common failure in keeping your resolutions is the absence of goal setting. Indeed, if you

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Hack: How to use half the tin foil when wrapping food for baking or roasting.

use half the tin foil when wrapping food

  I use half the tin foil when wrapping food for baking or roasting – a trick I learned from my memories of our local neighborhood butcher when I was a kid.   In those days, butcher paper was still used and I’d stand and watch in wonder as he wrapped the meat by rolling from corner to corner and then folding in the ends before sealing with tape. All my adult life, I’ve used this same technique to wrap potatoes (or any other vegetables, etc.) for baking. Here are the steps to wrapping so you use half the foil. Normally, I

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Veterinarians warn of risks marijuana poses to pets as legalization looms | Toronto Star

  Veterinarians say they’re seeing an increasing number of dogs sickened after ingesting marijuana. Vets are warning pet owners to take care as Canada prepares for cannabis legalization this year.   Dr. Jeff Goodall, a veterinarian who runs the Sunnyview Animal Centre in Bedford, N.S., said he’s seeing a growing number of dogs with marijuana toxicity. “It profoundly affects the neurological system. It can progress to tremors and seizures, and they can go into a coma,” he said Tuesday. He said the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in marijuana doesn’t make dogs high. Rather, it makes them very sick. “The THCs are

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Don’t make a diet resolution: Support food system change | The Good Food Institute

  You probably haven’t met anyone who’s resolved to consume more cheese or processed meat in 2018.   But as we all know, the odds are stacked against consumers who seek to make significant changes in their diets in favor of healthy, humane, and sustainable choices.                                                                      It’s that time of the year again… There are some incredibly useful tools to help people who embark on a

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Festive flavor: Christmas Panettone Bread.

Christmas Panettone Recipe

  If you love baked treats for Christmas, then you would love Christmas panettone bread. Christmas Panettone Bread is a sweet bread – a festive flavor – that originated in Milan, Italy. It has since spread throughout Southern Europe, and is also regularly consumed in parts of Africa, Australia, and South America as part of the Christmas-New Year’s season.   Enjoying Panettone.   Panettone usually takes a cupola shape, or a conical cylinder. You might prefer to make simple loaves. Chocolate or amaretto-flavored panettone is not uncommon. It’s normally served with sweet, hot beverages like cocoa, or sweet wine or liqueurs. What

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5 classic children’s toys that have been played with for generations.

Play kitchen.

Toys have been a big part of childhood for a very long time, having been developed by the Romans and the Ancient Greeks. The sheer variety of toys on the market is unprecedented. Although technology has had a big impact on the range of toys available to children today, there are still a number of classic children’s toys that are still being played with decades after they were first introduced.   While there are many great toys to choose from, here are our top five!   Play kitchens. For the aspiring child chef, what is more fun than putting a

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