Costco vegetable tray: Low cost way to stock a fridge with fresh veggies.

Costco vegetable tray: Low cost way to stock a fridge with fresh veggies.

Mark and I have shopping at Costco down to a science. I’ve written before about how we feed our family very cheaply using the deli roast chickens. It also pays to buy the large vegetable trays with dip for a low cost way to stock a fridge with fresh veggies.


Vegetables sorted into 'green' containers.

We used to buy each vegetable individually right off the produce shelf. However, with me being the indifferent cook and housekeeper I am, I was always seeking new ways to save time and labor.

Chopped vegetable salad.Having to peel, strip, clean, chop and prep the vegetables as we used them was quite a hassle.

One day, Mark surprised me and came home with a vegetable tray containing bell peppers, broccoli and cauliflower florets, baby carrots, and tiny plum tomatoes.

The first night, we ate the vegetables right off the tray, using the dip, accompanying a deli roast chicken.

Stove top cooked baby carrots.

This has become a regular routine except the meat selection changes from beef steaks to pork steaks, to frozen chicken breasts, etc.

Once that first meal is done, I separate the different vegetables into my Debbie Meyer’s Greenboxes that prolong the shelf life of vegetables, making them available for eating with dip, roasting, stove top cooking, using on shish  kabobs, adding to soups, chopping into marinated salads, etc.

The variety of uses is amazing, and by using the vegetable trays, there’s very little prep time and labor required.

The only vegetables we have to buy otherwise are onions and lettuce.

As for the lettuce, we usually buy the multiple packs of romaine lettuce. These tend to last much longer than the standard heads of lettuce.

Now every time we do our grocery shopping at Costco for the week, the list includes:

Oven roasted vegetables.

  • 2 vegetable and dip trays,
  • 1 multiple pack romaine lettuce (sometimes),
  • onions (standard bulk bag will last a few weeks), and
  • any meat cuts we want to use throughout the week.

The possibilities when using the vegetable trays are endless and they truly help overcome those ‘stuck’ nights when I just don’t feel like doing a lot of prep work to create great meals.


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