Country living: 3 easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your space.

Country living: 3 easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your space.


Country living is centered around the comforts of home and a simple way of life.


Many aspects of country decorating involve making use of the everyday things and activities in your life, such as sewing, working on the land and repairing things.


You can put your simple skills and these 3 easy and inexpensive ways to decorate your space.


Reclaimed wood.


Reclaimed wood crafts and furniture.

An important part of country living is making do with what you have on hand.

Reclaimed wood from old sheds, barns, old pallets and torn-down homes has become widely popular. If you have an old barn or shed on your property, you can reuse the wood and turn it into something beautiful for your home.

Consider using small pieces of the wood to make wall shelves or picture frames. Larger pieces could be used to make an end table or a coffee table for your living room.

If you carve wood or do woodworking, you could work with these original planks to make folk art and decorations such as toy trains.




Linen and quilting crafts and decor.

Quilting, embroidery and sewing have long been a part of living the country life.

An old piece of cross stitching that has been framed in a simple wooden frame makes for a colorful addition to the dining room or a child’s room.

A big quilt could cover an entire wall of your bedroom or living room.

Even if you do not sew or quilt yourself, you can easily find these pieces at a neighbor’s garage sale or at a local rummage shop.

Be sure to include a few extra quilts, crocheted granny square blankets and other homemade quilts to spread across an arm chair or the back of your sofa.


Car parts.


Car part and tire crafts, decor and outdoor furniture.

If you’re going for a more vintage or rustic look, consider using old car parts, both inside and outside your home.

You can find colorful, vintage license plates to hang or even make art of and hang on the walls of your home.

Some of the other fun parts to consider using for decorations include gears, car insignia and hood ornaments.

With the affordable prices, you could easily wallpaper an entire wall with license plates and make it the focal point of your living space.


These three tips will help you to save money while decorating your home in a way that reflects country living.

Whether you grew up in the country or want to make your space more rustic, it’s easy to affordably redecorate your space.

Use the tips above as well as any others your find to creatively decorate and enjoy your home.