Festive flavor: Christmas Panettone Bread.

Christmas Panettone Recipe

  If you love baked treats for Christmas, then you would love Christmas panettone bread. Christmas Panettone Bread is a sweet bread – a festive flavor – that originated in Milan, Italy. It has since spread throughout Southern Europe, and is also regularly consumed in parts of Africa, Australia, and South America as part of the Christmas-New…

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Pets are good for us: But not in the ways we think they are.

Pets Are Good For Us—But Not In The Ways We Think They Are

  John Bradshaw and his colleagues had to invent a new word—and the new field of “anthrozoology”—to describe their work studying the interactions between animals and humans. In his new book, The Animals Among Us, Bradshaw now demolishes a few myths about the pets that increasingly crowd our homes. [Find out if your dog would…

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Women’s health: Are the cosmetics, cleaners and chemicals we purchase safe?

Makeup allergies

Are you afraid to purchase cosmetics, scented products and cleaners for fear they’ll cause an allergic or sensitivity reaction? Join my club! I’ve been dealing with allergies, and chemical and scent sensitivities all my life. Before I discovered what my problem was, I went through years thinking I just had ‘run of the mill’ allergies…

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