Do I Worry Needlessly?

Do I Worry Needlessly?

Erin Working a Photo ShootI can’t help it. Sometimes I worry about what the future holds for my kids. I think they’re in the toughest circumstances of any previous generation.

Starting out for them will be hard. College and university tuition rates are the highest they’ve ever been. The cost of living is also the highest it’s ever been – especially in Vancouver. Both Erin and Stuart intend to go to college in Vancouver within the next year. Erin will be attending Langara College in September for her photography degree. Her final interview for acceptance is on May 7th. Stuart will be attending British Columbia Institute of Technology to take Broadcasting, but like Erin did, he’s taking a year off to work.

The job market here is very tough for job seekers their age. Erin worked at a couple of jobs previously, but they didn’t work out for one reason or another. Finally, last year, she got hired at a new restaurant and pub called ‘The Duke of Dublin’ and she took to it right away. She loved her boss and the other staff, and she always had a smile and cheery attitude about going to work, something which was not evident in her previous jobs. I had started to wonder if she may be struggling, but this job proved that there must have been something else going on because it’s one of the hardest jobs to do and she thrived. As a matter of fact, they were starting to train her on bar, which is Erin’s ultimate goal so she can work while attending college.

Unfortunately for Erin, she received word two days ago that the restaurant was not doing well and would close today. She was so upset. Today, however, she was all smiles again as she had dropped off some resumes and already attended one interview, has been scheduled for another on Wednesday, and has received requests from a couple of other places to drop off her resume. It’s starting to look like she’ll be able to pick and choose whatever works best for her. I’m so glad for her.

Stu doing choresStu’s a couple of years behind Erin. He’s only worked odd jobs up to now, including doing chores around the house – like mowing the lawn. He did just get hired on at Zellers part-time, though. I know Stuart can be a very hard worker and I’m sure he’ll work out great there.

My worry is that whatever they make at their jobs won’t be enough. Housing prices in Vancouver are astronomical and I fear their school work will suffer because of how hard they’ll have to work to make ends meet. I also worry about burnout. I only hope they both manage to find part-time jobs they love like Erin did at Duke’s. That will be half the battle as it won’t seem like such hard work or be so wearing if they enjoy working.

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