Dog car seats keep your car clean and your pooch safe!

Dog car seats keep your car clean and your pooch safe!


We can eliminate risk to our dogs when transporting them in the family vehicle by using dog car seats.


Believe me, we know from experience that taking a dog to the vet, groomer or simply for a ride comes with concerns.

dog car seats

Got a big, lovable, but slobbery breed like a Saint Bernard? Dog car seats are the answer for keeping cars clean, regardless of size and breed of dog.

It’s virtually impossible to keep our kids in one place without strapping them into a car seat, so how can we expect this of dogs who aren’t even human?

Dogs and children can be easily hurt during every day transportation in the family car if not buckled in. Let’s face it, we’re always aware and have the ability to brace ourselves for sudden turns, stops, etc.

But what of the kids and dogs? They’re definitely more likely to be knocked off balance or even thrown and injured.

Regardless of what breed or size of dog is going for a ride, keeping it safe and comfortable should be our goal.

Dog car seats are relatively inexpensive and provide priceless safety for our beloved traveling pooch. When shopping for a dog safety car seat there will be many options available to choose from.

There are seats that attach over the head rest and those that remain stationary and buckled to the actual seat make riding safer for dogs.

A smaller dog may get more enjoyment out of a dog car booster seat. This seat is most often attached over the top of the seat and headrest. A booster seat for dogs is a raised seat that enables them to easily see out of the windows. Since sightseeing is one of the best things about riding in a car, small dogs really appreciate this type of seat. While a dog is seated in a booster seat, it is recommended that the safety strap is attached to a car harness instead of a collar.

Actually, most vets and dog car seat manufacturers recommend that a special harness is worn versus using a collar to attach the safety straps. Sadly, many dogs have been injured during accidents due to having their necks jerked when safety straps are attached to collars.

For a reasonable price, a harness eliminates this worry and keeps dogs safer while riding.

For larger dogs, the same type of harness is recommended even though their car seat is one that sits directly on the seat. Many of the larger dog seats offer a generous cushion and are attached with a seat belt. Similar to the dog booster car seats, there are tether or safety straps to ensure that dogs remain put when a vehicle is in motion.

In addition to providing safety, dog car seats provide a wealth of other benefits as well. When using a car seat dog owners can nearly eliminate the mess of dirty paw prints and dog hair from sticking to their cars upholstery. When all your precautions haven’t worked there are companies like Diamond Clean to give your car a professional cleaning.

Using a car seat also keeps a dog from scratching up the vinyl and plastic parts of the vehicles upholstery.

Another way to ensure that pet hair stays to a minimum is by using dog car seat covers over the dog seat. This washable seat cover helps to keep a dog’s car seat in great condition while trapping unwanted pet hair and paw prints. Before deciding on a car seat for a dog it is best to find one that is of high quality. Spending a little extra makes perfect sense since better quality means longer life and wear, and that it will be more reliable and safer.

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