Dog ownership is wonderful, once you overcome the piddling, barking and general misbehaving.

Dog ownership is wonderful, once you overcome the piddling, barking and general misbehaving.

Dog Ownership


dog ownershipIf you’ve read my posts about our wonderful pets, I’m sure you’ve realized that as much as we love them, we’ve had our behavior and training issues with every one of them.

Dog ownership is a wonderful thing. They are terrific companions and watch dogs and have the ability to become one of the family. Dogs have to be trained to follow commands and it is easier to teach a young pup new tricks right from the beginning rather than waiting until the dog has learned a few bad habits. Even an adopted dog will benefit from training from the start because new house rules often come with a new environment, and that makes sense to a dog.

Dog owners can benefit greatly from hiring a professional dog trainer to work with their pet. A trainer will see certain traits and characteristics that may seem cute to the owner, but realize their implications for the future, and address any issues immediately. Unfortunately, what is cute at the beginning, when they’re little, will become obnoxious as the dog gets older.


Dog Training


A professional dog trainer will have the ability to consider the dog’s temperament, personality, history and breed and combined with the dog owner’s family dynamic create an action plan to stop bad behavior before it becomes a problem for the dog and owner. A dog trainer is not just a dog trainer but a dog and owner coordinator.

Good advice is always a good thing and welcome, especially when dealing with the arrival of a new puppy or an adopted, older dog. The professional dog trainer will have the best advice to give dog owners, and the advice has been tried, tested and proven to be effective.

Most people, as much as they love their dog, do not have the time to train a dog properly or have the time to learn all that needs to be known about training a dog. There are a myriad of methods and techniques used to effectively train a dog and a mountain of information regarding traits of the breed of dog, animal psychology and behavior traits, both normal and dominate. No matter how well versed a dog owner is in dog behavior, there is always a need to learn more.


Training Environments


Dog trainers often have their own training facilities and conduct private and semi-private classes. Some trainers will also visit a client’s home for private dog training sessions.

Learn more about how the dog trainer also offers advice and training to dog owners on how to play with the dog safely, take care of their pet and signs that might indicate a bad habit beginning to form and how to address it and how to let the dog socialize with other dogs and their owners – the keys to dog ownership.


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