Empty nest too much? Should you consider adoption after your kids leave home?

Empty nest too much? Should you consider adoption after your kids leave home?


When kids grow up and leave home, many parents wonder what to do in their next stage of life.
Some choose to travel and take up neglected hobbies, while others enjoy a more leisurely way of life.
However, there are some parents who find raising children so meaningful, they consider adopting a child to raise as their own.
Before making the decision to fill your empty nest, it is important to consider the following when deciding if you should even consider adoption after your kids leave home.


An adoptee is not a surrogate.

Empty nest syndrome hits some moms and dads hard, but adopting a child will not replace those that have grown up and moved out on their own.

Each child is a unique individual and deserves to be treated as a person in their own right, not as a copy or replacement of a previous child in the family.

Adoptive parents should be prepared to accept any children on that basis.


Experience can make parenting easier.

Experience can make parenting easier.

Having raised one or more children previously, many parents have gleaned a wealth of experience and knowledge. This makes them ideal to adapt well when becoming a parent after one’s own kids leave and give an adopted child a consistent, meaningful life.

Applying parental wisdom is a priceless gift to a child who might otherwise have been raised in an unsuitable home or in an institution. Your experience just might make you the perfect adoptive parent.


Raising children is not cheap.

Planning for adoption should include a realistic budget. Expenses like housing, utilities, food, medical costs, transportation, education, and other related costs should be thoughtfully considered.

Budgetary problems are the leading cause of marital conflict that often leads to divorce, so it is important to evaluate finances when making a decision about whether or not to adopt.


Adoption changes lives.

Unlike foster care, adopting a child into a family is forever. The child cannot be returned to the orphanage or agency if problems arise.

Parents who want to adopt to help a parentless child may be able to work with an adoption agency that connects parents with pregnant women who want their babies to be adopted, thus addressing several needs at once.

The mom-to-be gets a second chance at pursuing a career or establishing a healthy lifestyle while the child is placed in a home with parents who are ready to provide a family, unconditional love, and permanent care. You can both decide whether or not the birth mom is part of the child’s future life as well.


Many factors come to mind when considering adoption after your own children grow up and leave home. It is important to consider the pros and cons and to talk with an expert for additional information.

Research and study on your own to decide the best path for a happy life in your own empty nest.


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