Ensuring our health while avoiding the parent trap.

Ensuring our health while avoiding the parent trap.


Why is it that as parents, we have so much to do?  


There is, of course, looking after the little ones. Then there is work, taking care of the home, caring for relatives and maintaining relationships with friends.


That is why a lot of the time our own health and wellbeing comes way down the bottom of the list. We need to ensure our own good health and not fall into the parent trap!


We don’t realize to be the best at all of these things, we need to bump looking after ourselves further up the list.

So, if you are a parent, make sure you are not falling into this trap by following these tips.




One of the many pitfalls for us as parents is being overly stressed about what our kids eat, but then just eating a load of rubbish ourselves, because we haven’t got the time or the energy to cook something nutritious.

This is a huge mistake because so much of our energy and well-being comes from what we eat. Eating the wrong things sets up a vicious cycle.

To remedy this, make a few small,  healthy changes to your eating routine such as ditching the take outs, and eating more high-fiber items like fruits and vegetables.

Like the common saying says, “If you only buy food items without labels, you don’t have to count calories”.

Blender vegetable soup.

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A simple way of getting more vegetables in your diet is to make your own soups or smoothies with a blender like the Vitamix 6300

It’s super quick and easy, as well as massively nutritious.

It should help you to keep up with your kids all day. You can find some great vegetable soup recipes and smoothie recipes online.




The biggest complaint of all parents everywhere is not getting enough sleep.

Guide to a good night's sleep.

It can seem like no matter what stage your child is at there is always a reason for them to wake you up in the middle of the night. When they are a baby, they need feeding, toddlers teethe, and older kids have a bad dream and need comforting.

Then when they get into their teens, you can’t sleep because you are waiting for them to get home safe and sound.

You just can’t win!

However, sleep is a critical part of our lives. In fact, we should spend about a third of our time asleep, although parents often fall way short of that. So what can you do to get a little more good quality sleep when you have kids?

Well, first you have to set boundaries. That means a regular non-negotiable bedtime for them every night, and you have to be consistent with this until they get used to it.

You also need to be strict with yourself and instead of trying to watch an extra hour of Netflix, take yourself off to bed when you get the chance!

Another helpful thing to do is to be able to share the night time duties been both parents. This can help you get at least an alternate night’s good sleep.

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