Environmental sensitivities and allergies are a growing concern in the workplace.

Chemical and scent sensitivities.

I am one who has continually suffered from environmental allergies including to strong odors, perfumes, chemicals, cleaning products, etc. In fact, these sensitivities have exacerbated the frequency and severity of my migraines, leading to ongoing issues at my workplace.

In my opinion, the employer is responsible for the environment in which the employees work and should be addressing problems immediately to avoid further complications. This has not been the case in my experience. I worked in an ‘industrial’ government facility where chemicals and strong cleaning products were routinely used and staff were not discouraged from wearing perfumes or scented products. Once I realized they were causing problems for me, I went to a human resources officer to discuss the issue, and instead of getting the support I expected, I was told, “It’s up to you to get the treatment you need. We can’t do anything.” I also routinely experienced backlash as a result of my absences due to migraines.

Eliminating odors is an important responsibility as employers. Letting foul workplace odors go unchecked isn’t good for anyone, or for business. Nothing will cut into business profits faster than lost productivity and work time. As was my case, some employees exposed to these odors can experience health problems.

Actually removing odors can be difficult, especially in an industrial environment, where most odors stem from chemicals released by workplace processes. This means that they tend to accumulate over a fairly short period of time and are difficult to neutralize once they’ve accumulated.

Ozone generator.
Ozone generator.

Believe it or not, one of the most common solutions to this is using other heavy chemicals, and they can be the easiest solution. Chemical agents can neutralize odors in the air fairly effectively. However, doing this causes problems of its own. Chemical odor-removers can be just as bad for sensitive employees as the odors themselves, and can have other unpleasant side effects. Some of them do not remove or neutralize odors, but simply cover them, which is rarely effective.

Ozone generators are a better solution. Ozone flushes chemicals out of the air by binding to and neutralizing odors.

Ozone generators make for an excellent option for odor removal.

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