Exposé: The ugly truth about beauty.

My entire life, the media and beauty industry have dictated whether I’ve been: happy or unhappy; healthy or unhealthy; mentally sound or depressed and anxious.


By feeding us a constant, unreachable, impossible idea (and huge lie) of what makes a woman beautiful.

I do not and never have bought beauty magazines, but enough of this negative stereotype and impossible body image ideal has infiltrated all other areas of our lives that they’re inescapable.

Lately, things have been improving, but we still have a long way to go.

I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to go onto sites selling clothing and knowing that in most of them, when I click on ‘plus size’ I’ll get to see the items on an actual plus size woman. This allows me to see just how beautiful these women can be, but also how great beautifully designed clothing can look on them – and therefore on me and others like me.

Published by Christine Blythe

Christine is the owner and author for her three blogs: Empty Nest Ancestry, Feathering the Empty Nest, and Top Web Blog Tips. Periodically, if a post topic is appropriate to either of her other blogs, they will be published as a guest post by CJB.