Fall must dos for a healthy garden next year.

Fall must dos for a healthy garden next year.


The most romantic season of the year is finally here.


However, your garden is not quite ready for this lovely autumn, not to mention the harsh winter time that awaits us. There are many chores that remain unfinished due to lack of time or energy during the summer.


That is why this is a perfect time for you to re-energize yourself through some simple, yet very important activities for you and your garden.


Here is our list of fall must dos for a healthy garden next year.




How to build your perfect greenhouse.

The fruits of your work have been very plentiful this season.

All the hard work has paid off and you have been enjoying the healthy vegetables and fruits that had been growing.

However, do not let these products go to waste. Harvest them on time, especially during the winter time. All these organic fruits and vegetables that have previously been stocked and are key to providing healthy food for your family and you.

By simply collecting it on time, you won’t need to spend a lot of money in the local supermarket.


Dig, dig, dig.


After the harvest, start focusing on preparing the soil for planting new seeds.

First of all, digging is extremely important for the soil, particularly when it comes to getting rid of that pesky weed.

Moreover, don’t forget to plant the seeds only when the soil is still warm.

Another essential thing that you should definitely do is augment the soil with fertilizer. Some fallen leaves are often mulched and used for fertilizer.


Raking together.


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Although fallen leaves can be useful, its debris can make your garden look really neglected if just left to lie willy nilly on your lawn and in your garden. One of the most tedious activities is collecting and throwing all those leaves away.

There is no reason for you to do this alone. Ask family members or friends to join in. Especially the kids as they can look forward to reaping the fun of jumping and playing in the leaves.

Rakes are easy to use and leaves are not too heavy to carry. With the right gear, such as a retractable hose, it will be a piece of cake to wash any residue away.


Buy the right gear.


Make use of these last sunny days so you can trim that overgrown hedge.

If the cutting tools are dated, get a sharpener. Keep your tools sharp for easier work.

Many stores offer a variety of garden tools for you to use. One cannot image doing a proper job in a garden without  proper equipment. Get a new part for the water hose, connectors and the fitting adapter set to make your work easy.

Gardening is a pleasant manual activity that can harm your hands, so using protective gloves would be a wise choice.


Plant the seeds.


We have checked off all these activities: harvesting, digging, hosing, cutting.

Now start thinking about what kind of plants you want to plant in your garden. Would you prefer to eat fresh salad vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cucumber, or tomato?

Autumn is also a perfect time to plant flowers like spring bulbs, shrubs and roses are a good option as well.

Choose your fruit trees wisely. Do not choose the ones that require high maintenance if you have a busy schedule.

Gardening takes time and patience and in the end, you shall reap what you sow.


After seeds have been planted, your garden is prepared for the harsh winter.

Many experts talk about gardening as a therapy session, while in some cultures, gardening is often associated with philosophy. It is no wonder autumn means a new beginning in nature’s cycle and it should be in your garden, too.