Five tips for a more dog-friendly garden.

Five tips for a more dog-friendly garden.

Dogs need plenty of fresh air and exercise, so when the sun is shining the garden can bring a welcome relief from walkies for owners.
But if you want to spend a sunny afternoon relaxing in the company of your dog rather than fretting over your furry friend, be sure to use these five tips for a more dog-friendly garden.



Build a fence.

5 tips for a dog friendly garden.

Are the boundaries of your garden properly surrounded with secure fencing that’s suitable for your breed of dog?

Puppies and small dogs might be able to fit through any nooks and crannies, whilst others (such as lurchers) can jump surprisingly high.

A sturdy fence can prevent your mutt going missing when you’ve dozed off in the garden.


A paved pathway.

In wet weather, that gorgeous lawn can soon become a boggy field, and if you don’t want mud splattered through your home then create a pathway that will help to keep both shoes and paws as dry as possible.

You’d be surprised at how many pets will follow the path and keep off the grass, especially if you install these paths on the routes that your dog already uses!


Timber decking.

If your dog loves to break the rules when it’s raining or dig for bones when it’s dry, you might want to consider an enclosed area of timber decking where your pooch can play.

As well as creating a mess-free space for pets and children to play in, decking is great for outdoor entertaining.


An outdoor tap.

Inevitably, your pup is going to get mucky from time to time, especially in the winter when it’s constantly wet and muddy.

If you don’t already have an outdoor tap, consider having one installed in a paved area with good drainage, where you can hose down and dry your dog before heading back into the house after walkies.


A shady space.

When blessed with hot weather, we like to make the most of it, but dogs don’t enjoy sunbathing quite as much as their owners, so it’s important that you have a cool and shady area of the garden where your dog can relax when it gets too warm.

If your garden lacks such a space in peak times of the day, a kennel or tree can provide extra shade.

And don’t forget to leave a topped-up water bowl outside too!


Whether you’ve got a new family pet or you’re tired of cleaning up after your dog in the garden, a few simple tweaks can make your garden a great deal more friendly for your furry friend.

Redesigning your garden for your dog will benefit both you and your pup, so assess the current layout and facilities and you’re bound to find room for improvement!

Now go and let your garden be the best place ever for your fur-baby.



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