Fresh tracks! Maybe I’ll see a kid?

Fresh tracks! Maybe I’ll see a kid?


Well, our nest has been empty for a bit now, but nothing seems to have changed.

We still see the tell-tale signs of our kids’ presence, although not so frequently.

They pop in at random and if I don’t see them first hand (which is rare), there are tell-tale signs they’ve been around.

You might wonder how I know when I rarely see my son or daughter?


I can TRACK them!



I know where they’ve been and when they’ve been there. It’s like tracking wild animals and being happy with just a glimpse of them once in a while.


The tracks?


Well, there’s the food missing from the fridge or cupboard, the bread crumbs and food residue on the counter, the empty juice jug left in the fridge, the kettle left out after being used, the silver coins missing from our ‘loose change’ jar, the empty toilet paper roll, the lack of hot water in the shower, the unflushed toilet, and in Erin’s case the blank spaces where food used to be in the pantry… I could go on and on.

Luckily for them (and me), I remember what it’s like to want to leave the nest. I understand the need for independence and to stretch the cord to it’s most taut without actually breaking it.

They’re both doing very well now.

Erin owns her own condo five minutes away. I’m sure she planned that for easy access. We see her when she needs us to puppy sit for her puppy, Sage, or when she needs to do her ‘grocery shopping’ in our kitchen pantry.

Stuart has a full-time job on a local farm and loves the work and his boss. They seem to value him too as they treat him very well.

Both Erin and Stuart are very hard workers and I have no doubt they’ll succeed in any endeavor.

So, I sit here and glory in the occasional sighting of my elusive kids (oops! young adults), continuing all the while to deal with the ‘tracks’ they leave behind.

photo credit: greengee via photopin cc

Published by Christine Blythe

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